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5th Grade Field Trip:

They were going to an aquarium, and lots of these kids loved fish.

"Everyone, write your group of three to four on this piece of paper." The teacher instructed.

Y/N's group was the first one to be formed. Primarily because Zhongli wanted to stay with Y/N, Childe wanted to be with Zhongli. And Xiao wanted to be with Zhongli and Y/N.

That was their usual group, anyway. Like during lunchtime and recess.

Zhongli was the shy kind of kid. Childe was the doting lover boy. Xiao was the glaring, tsundere child. And Y/N was the one with all of the jokes, and chaotic one once you get to know her.

The seats, were the two per one seat kind of bus.

"Xiao! Wanna sit with me?" Y/N grabbed his hand, with a grin on her small face.

"Yes..." Xiao looked somewhere else, because her smile was always contagious. And his pride wouldn't let him smile.

Y/N ran into the bus, and the two tried their best to go up those small stairs. And Y/N wanted to go to the very back so she could just look at the cars passing by.

And of course, Zhongli and Childe were right behind them, and sat in the seat next to theirs.

"Mom made Zhongli and I almond tofu. And made some for you too! We can share it!" Y/N raised her lunchbox and put it back in her backpack. Her smile never faltered.

Xiao turned his head to her quickly, with such a cute look on his face. That was the only true thing that made him happy. Every. Single. Time.

The entire class was singing little Einstein songs, and Hu Tao's favorite hilichurls song.

Xiao plugged in his earbuds. And saw Y/N peeking glances at him. She thought she was being sneaky, but Xiao could tell. Those were new earbuds so they weren't used yet.

"Do you want to listen?" He offered the other side.

"Can I?" Y/N got her answer when Xiao nodded shortly after. He wasn't known for being very nice to people. But truly he had favorites.

He more or less liked to stick to Zhongli. But he's the most nicest to Y/N. He's never glared as much as he did to the other kids. And never ignored her. The teachers really liked seeing Xiao with the only person who he didn't attack.

One time Y/N was crying after falling and scratching her knee a little too harshly on the cement. And Xiao blasted towards the classroom and asked the teacher for a bandaid. And sprinted back to Y/N, as fast as his little legs could take him. Although, he's the fastest at running in the entire class.

She was in need of a pencil, and Xiao glared at the other boys who were gonna offer her one.

Y/N was reading a random book her bookworm child neighbor had recommended her own time.

While Xiao clutched his Rex Lapis dragon plushie.

Soon enough, she fell asleep. While the entire bus was yelling songs. And debating wether or not Ganyu would win against Elsa.

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