roommates pt. 1 : nikki, tommy, and vince

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you had been searching for an apartment since the minute you finished college. you were very short on money and keeping on the look out for any job openings around your area. there was an ad in the newspaper in search of a roommate that belonged to some band called motley crue.

you've heard about them a couple of times throughout your occasional venture around the strip but you've never heard them play. you make your way to the house as you pulled into the driveway to see the front yard had been trashed with beer bottles and toilet paper.

your only thought is what could go wrong besides you either getting drugged or getting taken advantage of. you slowly make your way out of the car as you step over some broken bottles and a pile of needles. you make your way to the door and knock on it really hard. the door creaked open to a tall boy that had a baby face sort of, he looked very young.

"oh nikki, the chick is here," the kid said checking you out as you waved a small wave and he opened the door further to let you in. you step in to see a black haired guy in the corner of the room with his hair covering his face, strumming his bass as you look around the mess of a house.

some blonde dude popped out of the kitchen and said," i'm vince, thats nikki, and thats tommy," as he pointed to all of the guys. you nodded and smiled as you looked at your feet. "oh we got a shy one here boys," tommy said as he leaned against the wall towering over you as you blushed.

you thought they were really cute but you weren't blushing because of that, you were really embarrassed at how bold they were. nikki, however, wasn't as bold as the rest. he stayed in the corner with his hair over his face and didn't speak unless he was spoken to. you liked him more than the rest even if you were attracted to all of them.

you sat down in the chair next to nikki's and stuck your hand out to see if he would shake it. he just looked at you through his hair and muttered," hey," you put your hand to your side. "hey," you muttered as you got back up to walk outside and get your bags.

tommy helped you carry your bags in as he lead you to an open room with a hole in the door. you looked at tommy with a blank look as he suppressed a laugh. "i'm not staying in a room with a hole in the door while living with complete strangers," you said holding your hand on your hip as tommy sighed.

"fine, you can have my room and me and vince will take this one until we get the door fixed," tommy spoke with a whiny tone, you chuckled a little. you accidentally bumped into nikki while you backed away from tommy backwards. "fucking watch it," he muttered as you looked at him with a disgusted look. it got very awkward after that as vince yelled," hey doll, you like pizza?"

- next month -

"vince stop dude, for real i'm serious," you scream as vince and tommy tickle your sides. ever since they found out you hate being tickled they've been testing you and seeing what you look like mad. you kick both of them as they topple over in pain and you get up and run to mick. you jump on mick to get away from them but not too hard obviously as he swats you off of him.

nikki still hates you, well i don't know if it's hate but it seems like he strongly dislikes you for some odd reason. it might be because he doesn't trust people that easily or maybe it's because the boys liked you so fast. "hey nikki," you say as go and sit by him. "what do you want?" he asked with an irritated tone as you looked at your feet.

"can we talk outside for a second?" you asked as he shook his head and blankly stated," you can tell me here." you sighed and snapped," nikki some privacy for this conversation would be very nice." he huffs an irritated breath as you both stand up.

you walked outside on the porch as you grab his wrist and snap," how come you don't like me? i know i didn't do anything because you were acting like this the SECOND i got here man." he wiped his mouth and his forehead from his sweat as he quietly said," you just are really intimidating and i've trusted too many women in my life to the point where i don't just open my heart the second one asks."

"yeah but you fuck them more than you change your underwear so this all makes no sense to me," you sigh as you group your hair in your hands to get it off your neck. you notice nikki staring at you with his mouth open in a little like he was in awe.

"nikki, i haven't done anything and i never will. i promise," you cry quietly as he grabbed your hand. "i don't want you to think i hate you but i'm not gonna drool all over you explicitly like those dogs do in there. maybe once i get to know you better it'l be easier for me to trust you," he sighed as you nodded.

you gave him a kiss on the cheek as you went inside to talk with the boys. you seen tommy about to stick a fork in the socket as you ran over and grabbed it before he had the chance. "dude are you insane?" you squeal as you smack his hand. taking care of them was like having three children and just one old man who didn't bother anyone.

"i have an idea, since you guys hardly know me, let's play a game," you exclaim as the boys look at each other and nod in agreement. "okay, y/n, first question..," vince said cockily as he smirked that famous smirk of his that you know too well. "if you ask anything along the lines of my turn-ons or anything sexual i will stab you with this fork," you say holding it up with a crazed look in your eye. vince laughs and holds his hands up in defense as he squeaks," i w-wasn't... going to." everyone chuckled as vinnie continued saying," so what did you go to college for?"

"well it was a music school," you chuckled lightly as their eyes got as wide as saucers. "wait what did you go for?" tommy asked excitedly as you counted all the instruments. you went for almost everything because as a child you were just so obsessed with song writing and playing.

"well i do the whole nine yards such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, and singing. ever since i was little i was obsessed with music and ever since my dad died i made it my mission to be as successful as he wanted to be," you laughed a little as you messed with the carpet. everyone went silent as tommy chimed in saying," well can you play a little something for us?"

you nodded and chuckled a little as mick gave you his guitar to use, you were planning on singing and playing "smoke on the water" by deep purple. the boys mouths hit the floor and soon you finished the little part of the song you chose as you cleared your throat after you were done.

it was awkward so you blankly said," say something, you dudes are scaring me." nikki stuttered but couldn't find the words to talk as tommy slowly said," that.. was... AWESOME." you laughed as tommy came over to you and picked you up then slung you up in the air hugging you. "i didn't know it was that serious but okay," you chuckle as you notice nikki's face drop.

he gets irritated again and grumbles to himself as he walks out of the living room to the kitchen. you follow him and say," you okay sixx?" as he swats his hand and mumbles," yeah i'm fucking fine." you didn't think nikki was known as the jealous type but you guess you were wrong.

you patted his shoulder and left back into the living room as you seen tommy and vince play fighting. nikki walked back in and said," are we gonna finish this whole game shit or what?" you nod as the rest of the boys eventually find their seats again and nikki asks you," so what made you want to move in with us of all people?"

you stopped to think, what did you move in with them for? "well im glad i did because you dudes are crazy but i guess i couldn't find anyone else to room with and i was low on money. the rent here wasn't too much out of my budget plus i'd just gotten out of college and had like no money. i was waiting to find a job opening but i can't seem to find one anywhere," you explained.

they all nodded as tommy chugged some beer and burped. you laughed as you got up to use the bathroom. two seconds after you were done using the bathroom you walked out and seen vince standing by the door. "shit vin, you scared me," you giggled as he pressed you against the wall and kissed you like he didn't have a care in the world.

you kissed him for a minute but pushed him away and whisper yelled," what the fuck are you doing?" he blsuhed as he wiped off his bottom lip and strutted his way back into the living room. you didn't completely hate it so at least that wasn't a problem but this is just gonna make everything a hundred times more complicated........

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