✿Chapter 8: Lovely Day✿

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Varian stared at you, his eyes wide, "Wow, that's-- that's incredible!" The boy exclaimed, "Must have been a big shock when your hands just started glowing last night." He paused, writing something down on the paper in front of him. You nodded.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure it all started when I touched the black rocks the night I snuck out with Rapunzel." You continued, "I'm not sure, but I think when I touched the rocks it like put magic in me or something?"

The boy bit his lip, deep in thought, "Yeah-- when you came here and you were sick, it did seem like your body was repressing some sort of unknown power inside of it." He paused, looking up at you, "So the rocks must have put this power inside of you, and when you drank that concoction I gave you it released it? Or your body was trying to repress it and when you drank that your body then allowed the magic?" He stopped, "Not that I believe in magic or anything."

You sent him a look that said "really" before crossing your arms, "Varian, you just saw me do that."

"Okay! Oh- Okay fine!" He waved you off, "Sure, maybe it was magic! Or maybe it was just the molecules in the air contracting, or the light was bouncing off my flask here." The boy gestured to the flask, "There are so many options for this situation!" He crossed his arms while you sighed.

You put your hands out in front of you, your palms facing him, "Do you want me to do it again so you can see just how "sciency" it is?" You asked sarcastically, causing the boy to rapidly shake his head.

"No, no it's fine!" He looked back down at the table. He scribbled down a couple of thoughts before looking back up at you, "You know..." He paused, rubbing his neck, "This power that you have, is the whole reason that Rapunzel got taken."

Your eyes widened, "Oh... right." You wrung your hands together, realizing that if your dad figured out he would keep you locked up in the palace.

"Hey," Varian placed a gloved hand on your own, "Don't worry, we'll just keep this between us." He sent you a soft smile, "Okay?"

You nodded, "Yeah." You returned a smile, "Thanks, Varian."

The boy looked over at the door, "How 'bout we go outside?" He asked, "Take a walk or something? I have a pretty cool place I wanna show you." He said, trying to get your mind off of the thought.

You quickly hopped off the table, "Yes please!" Varian looked shocked at your enthusiasm.

"Oh! Alright then! Come on!" He grabbed your hand and pulled you out the door. You weren't sure where you were going but you trusted Varian so you let him lead you.

As soon as the two of you got down the stairs he turned to the left, leading you into the woods. For a couple of seconds, there was nothing but trees, but soon you made it to a field. It was a large field full of flowers of various colors.

The boy let go of your hand, "I come here sometimes to think." He rubbed the back of his neck. You heard a chittering sound from behind you, the long grass parted and a raccoon hopped out, "Oh! Ruddiger, you followed us!" Varian smiled.

You recognized the raccoon as the one that Varian had thrown out of his house the first time you met. The raccoon ran up to you and climbed up your leg and rested itself on your shoulders. You looked at the animal shocked.

"Does this mean he likes me?" You asked, wondering why a raccoon decided to sit on your shoulders.

Varian nodded, "Oh yeah, totally." He looked at the raccoon, "You like her, don't you buddy?"

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