✿Chapter 14: The Men✿

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Cassandra ran forward, pulled her sword from its sheath, and swung it at the man in front of her. He then pulled out what seemed to be a metal stick and blocked her sword, but the sound they made when hitting together sounded more like metal on metal than metal on wood. She man swung his staff and hit Cassandra in the stomach before sending her flying backward. He then threw a rope that wrapped around her legs and restrained her.

"Cass!" Eugene exclaimed. He looked up and rolled up his sleeves, "Oh, you just crossed the line, bub!" Eugene started running towards the man before sliding under him, as the man swung his staff again. Eugene wrapped his arms over the man's shoulders and grabbed his staff, pulling it back. But the man was too strong and threw Eugene to the ground right into a pile of chemicals, "Oh, boy, that was-- That was a mistake." You turned to look at him and noticed that his hair was in multiple colors. You would have laughed if you weren't in such a serious situation.

The man walked forward, holding his staff towards you and Rapunzel, "Hand it over, now!" The man said, his voice sounded really... familiar. Pascal jumped from Rapunzel's shoulder to the man's mask. The chameleon started hitting the mask, trying to hold him back. The man stumbled back a bit before reaching up and grabbing Pascal and throwing him onto a table with chemicals.

You quickly ran over to the table and grabbed a bottle, you looked closely, it was Flynnolium. You grinned and grabbed another bottle, you remember that these two when mixed will make an interesting reaction. You only had a few seconds to mix them before the explosion. You quickly poured them together and threw the concoction at the man. It exploded at his feet causing him to stumble back. Rapunzel turned to you and grabbed a flask, repeating your actions.

"Stay back! I've got a wall full of alchemy and I am not afraid to use it!" She said, picking up another flask. She threw it at the man and you did the same, you picked up a flask that was full of yellow liquid. You took a quick glance at it before putting it down. Quirinium. You kept grabbing and throwing flasks and the man was pushed back. The man reflected one of the flasks and hit the mechanism out of Rapunzel's hand and to the side of the room. The man immediately went after it, but so did you. You took a quick glance at Rapunzel and saw her about to throw something at the man, you backed up and Rapunzel tossed a ball at the man.

After it broke his hands were glued to the ground by the pest catcher. You walked towards the man and grabbed the Graphtyc. You spun it around in your hand and sent the man a coy smile before turning around and following the others out of Varian's lab. You all through the rocks, trying to stay as far away from the spikes as possible. As you came to a split in the paths the man was standing at the end, everyone diverted to go down the other path. The same man was at the end of this path too, so you turned down another one.

"How fast is this guy?" Eugene asked.

"Maybe he's not fast at all, maybe there are just multiple?" You asked before all of you ran outside to the clearing. You all looked up, "Yup. Wow, I'm really good at this guessing thing... I hate that about me."

Eugene nodded, "Yeah, I kind of wish you weren't." He then pushed the three of you behind him, you assumed he was taking the lead, "Cassandra, you take the ones in black, we'll handle the rest." And then you noticed that they were all in black. The four of you were pushed back closer to the rocks, you were practically back to back with them. You winced, feeling a sharp pounding in your head as the rocks behind you and Rapunzel started glowing.

One of the men was hit in the head with a frying pan, you looked up and saw Max standing triumphantly over the man. The horse then jumped in the middle of the group and started fighting them. He kicked a few and hit others with the pan. All the men fell over as Maximus threw the pan and hit one of the men in the mask.

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