✿Chapter 23: Where Is The Justice?✿

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Of course, you were angry at Varian. But you could understand where he was coming from, he wanted Corona to think of him as a normal person again. But his mind was so clouded by hatred and manipulation that he was very confused. But the one thing that remained constant was the fact that Varian was taking care of you, no one else would leave food for you. It had been a couple of weeks since the Saporians had taken over the castle, but not just that. They were also taking over Corona.

They had started getting the citizens of Corona to mine for these crystals to help with Varian's experiments. You sighed as you looked over the balcony, watching as the people below brought buckets of the crystals into the castle. If only Rapunzel would come back soon, if she knew what was happening she would not stand for it. Over the past few weeks, you had been sending notes down to the citizens of Corona, you were finding a way to get them to bring Rapunzel back to Corona, you sent a note about the whereabouts of the Royal Hot air Balloon to the men from the Snuggly Duckling, by giving notes to Ruddiger to bring to the guys.

A shadow passed over your window, you quickly looked up spotting a hot air balloon flying past your window. You noticed that the person in the balloon was Ulf, he sent you a wave before quickly miming something about hair. He was going to get Rapunzel. You waved back, hoping that his trip was safe. Thank goodness they didn't get caught.

Hopefully, he would get to Rapunzel before anything terrible happened to Corona. You had overheard a bit of the plan, from Varian who would talk to you from behind your door. Unknown to the other Saporians, he had unlocked it from the outside, but you locked it from the inside not wanting to let him in. But they all had keys, so it didn't matter if you locked it or not, they could come in if they wanted. They didn't, in fact, the Saporians didn't care if you were even alive, the only person who ever checked up on you was Varian. You stepped back into your room, not shutting the door of your balcony.

You sat down on your bed and pulled out a book that you had under your pillow, you opened it and started reading, it wasn't anything special, just a book about a woman who went to this castle where her father had been held captive and then she traded places with him so he could leave. She then ended up falling in love with her captor who was a beast. Apparently, it was a classic made by some french lady called Jeanne-Marie le Prince de Beaumont.

The door of your room opened, revealing Andrew standing there. You looked over at him, "What do you want?" You asked, this was the first time you had made contact with anyone that was actually from the Saporians since the night they took away your parents' memories.

"We need to talk." He said, crossing his arms, "It has come to my attention that you have been giving notes to some of OUR royal subjects. That can't be happening." Andrew started walking closer to you. You got up from your spot, setting the book down, "You could have risked our entire operation." You found yourself walking out of the balcony door, you grew nervous. Andrew grabbed your arm, pushing your back against the rail of the balcony, "I will throw you over this balcony. We can't have notes being sent to anyone." You started panicking, he was serious, that look in his eyes showed how serious he was about this.

You shook your head, "I won't! I really won't!" You said, it wasn't like you had any more notes that you needed to send anyways.

"Well, it's not like we really need you anyway... I'm sure that we've already convinced Varian enough, to the point that we can get you out of the way without changing his mind about anything." He pushed you back further, you could feel the empty air behind you. He grabbed your face, turning you to look at the ground below, "This will be fun."

"Andrew?" You heard another voice call. Andrew turned around noticing Varian standing behind him, "Conditions haven't, and won't change." Andrew released his grip on you, stepping away from you.

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