✿Chapter 30: A Vial of Amber✿

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"Not much further. We're almost there, guys." Rapunzel said, leading the way, "Have that solution of yours ready." You and Rapunzel walked ahead, she didn't notice that the boy stopped but you did.

You turned around, taking a glance at his nervous expression, "Varian. Are you alright? Is it the rocks?" You asked.

"Whatever the red rocks are showing you, they're just visions. They're not real." Rapunzel tried to comfort him.

Varian frowned, "But they are. Do you know what this is?" Varian asked, holding up the flask so you and Rapunzel could see.

"It's what's gonna help us sever the red rocks' power." She said, seeming confused. You could already tell by looking at it that that solution wasn't just any solution. It was the amber that encased Quirin.

Varian nodded, "Yes, but it's also the same compound that encased my father." He looked down, "You know, the red rocks make everybody else see hallucinations, but what I see is something that actually happened." He looked at his reflection, "This stuff ruined my life. Because of this, I did-- I did terrible--"

The flask slipped out of his hands almost hitting the ground. Luckily Pascal caught it just in time.

"Great snag, buddy," Rapunzel said, taking the flask from him and handing it to Varian.

Varian took the flask carefully, "If that had smashed, then Corona would've been done for, and everyone would hate me even more than they do now... not that I blame them." Varian sighed.

"Varian, you can't be so hard on yourself." You said, lightly placing a hand on his shoulder hoping to comfort him. Rapunzel nodded, agreeing with you.

"That's easy for you to say! Rapunzel's the embodiment of the Sun Drop, "He then turned to face you, "And you-- I dunno, you're literally perfect, you probably have some of the Sun Drop in you too. You know, the wondrous, magical Sun Drop." Varian's voice broke at the end of that sentence.

You and Rapunzel shared a look, "Ah! You hear that, (Y/N)? He called us wondrous and magical." You smiled quickly, before turning back to Varian.

"No, what I'm saying is for ordinary people, like me, fear is just a little bit more debilitating." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

You carefully grabbed the hand that was still by his side, "Varian..." You looked into the boy's eyes, seeing his confusion, "There is nothing ordinary about you. You even helped me overcome my fear." You paused, looking down at your entwined hands, "I trust you, Varian, I know you can do it."

He thought about it for a second before sending you a nod, a determined smile on his face.


The halls started rumbling. small rocks fell from the ceiling, getting dislodged by the rumbling. You and Varian had been holding hands for a while, comforting each other. Rapunzel clearly took notice but said nothing about it.

Varian looked around nervously, "Rapunzel, we really gotta hurry." He let out a nervous chuckle, tightening his grip on your hand, "How much farther is it?"

"Uh, we're here. You wanted a big underground cavern? I give you... the Demanitus Chamber." As soon as you stepped into the cavern your jaw dropped. It was huge. Varian reacted the same way, letting go of your hand and stepping forward.

"Woah. It-- it's amazing!" A wide smile graced his face.

Rapunzel glanced over at the boy, "You should have seen it before all these red rocks." She said.

"Y-you've actually s-seen this before?" Varian asked, looking over at Rapunzel in disbelief.

Rapunzel nodded, "You could say that."

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