✿Chapter 32: The Scroll✿

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You leaned down, picking up a few ribbons and bows, your arm was now almost completely healed and the doctor said you were free to stop taking the pain medicine and you didn't need a splint. He did say you had to keep it wrapped though. You pressed the bows to the walls, draping around some ribbons so it made a pattern. After finishing up with the ribbons you turned and noticed Eugene and Rapunzel talking in the doorway. The reason everyone was decorating was that it was Eugene's birthday. Your eyes widened, you quickly grabbed Lance and pulled him over to the doorway, unwrapping him from Katalina and Angry's ribbons.

"Heyyy- Rapunzel! Can Lance and Eugene pick up some things?" You asked, sending her a discreet wink. She nodded rapidly.

"Yeah! That's a great idea... there are still some supplies that we need!" She pulled Lance down to her level by his chain necklace, "Go with Eugene, make sure he's gone long enough, and get everything on the list of very important things."

Lance looked down at the map skeptically, "What? Oh. Oh, right. Right! Right." He stood up straight before looking over at the other man, "Eugene, come with me!" He said before pulling the other man out the door.

Rapunzel quickly shut the door behind her and let out a sigh, "Thanks, (N/N)." Your parents walked up to both of you.

"What's wrong, dear? You seem nervous." Your mother said softly.

Rapunzel nodded, "No, I'm just worried that Eugene suspects something." She said.

Eugene's father, whom you had just met for the first time today walked up confidently, "Relax, princess, he doesn't suspect a thing." He spoke, you took a glance at the bird on his shoulder, there wasn't a thought behind those eyes, "How could he? He has no idea today is his real birthday. I've even avoided thinking about it around him!" He paused, "Now... high-five Fredric to show camaraderie." You chuckled to yourself, watching as the bird tried to high-five itself with its talons before falling of the king's shoulder.

"Oh, you're right. This is gonna be the best surprise first birthday ever!" She smiled to herself, "And that's not all..." You raised an eyebrow watching as she ran out the door with Pascal. You and your mom shared a look before the woman beside you shrugged. The two of you laughed before she wrapped an arm around you.


Finally, all the preparations were done. It had become dark outside and Eugene would arrive any minute now. Everyone hid in their places and Rapunzel turned off all the lights. She stood in the middle of the room, it was only a few seconds later before the sparklers went off and Eugene stepped through the door followed by Lance.

"Suprise!" Everyone shouted.

Eugene jumped back, shocked, "Aah! Uh... This is for me?" He asked, "Why?" Rapunzel stepped forward, smiling at the man.

"Because today is your actual birthday!" She exclaimed grabbing onto his arm.

Eugene took a glance over at his father, "it is?" He asked, earning a nod from the man, "Oh, wow! This party is for me! An entire evening where everyone gathers to pay homage to my existence?" He looked around the room, "Oh, how did I go so many years withou-" He was cut off by his father, speaking his mind again.

"Because I sent him away as a babe and his whole life was a lie." The man said. You winced, thinking about how unintentionally harsh that was. Everyone turned to look at him, furrowing their eyebrows.

Eugene's shoulders dropped, "Always a dependable ray of sunshine, Dad." He shook his head, turning away, "Well, bring on the cake!" He said before Attila wheeled the cake out on a cart. Everyone stepped around, circling the man, "Hold up... I don't mean to nitpick, but there are one too many candles."

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