✿Chapter 37: Demanitus's Tomb✿

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"There has to be a way to fix all this, guys. But how?" Rapunzel said, brushing her hand over the stone in front of her. Rapunzel, Your mother, Pascal, and You had all decided to take a trip to the place where you and Rapunzel had gotten your powers. The original place of the Flower.

"Did I ever tell you about the biggest fight your aunt and I had?" Your mother asked, you turned around to face her, eagerly awaiting her story, "We were just teenagers, but Willow got so mad, she actually built a brick wall in the middle of our bedroom." Your mother said, looking at the rocks, before turning towards you and Rapunzel.

"What!" Rapunzel chuckled.

Your mom smiled, "I'm not kidding! Your grandfather nearly lost his mind!" She then got back to the story, "I tried talking to her through the wall, slipping notes between its cracks, but she refused to talk to me."

"What did you wind up doing?" You asked, completely invested in the story.

Your mom sent you a grin, "I got a hammer and I knocked the wall down!" She mimed out the hammer part, "But after that? Willow saw just how much working this out meant to me. How I wouldn't let anything stand between us."

Rapunzel looked down, her expression filled with sadness. She wanted to find a way to get through to Cassandra, but Zhan Tiri was making it so complicated.

Your mother lightly caressed Rapunzel's cheek, "Rapunzel... only you can get through to Cassandra." You nodded, you knew that was true. You and Varian had already tried, but she refused to listen. Your mother then turned around and started walking back to the horses.

"She's right." Rapunzel started, "I think it's time for the fight of our lives." The blonde woman said, looking towards the direction of the castle. She let out a sigh before the two made it back to the horses. You hopped on the same one as Rapunzel and followed as your mom took the lead. Rapunzel and you quickly made your way around her, making your way through the doorway in the wall near old Corona.

As the three of your ran, you recognized the places you were running past as where Cassandra had brought you and Rapunzel when you all snuck out. You passed a waterfall and a forest with wolves, before making your way past the shallow pond that you walked in. You looked down seeing the pond reflect a beautiful sunset.

As soon as the three of you got to the Snuggly Duckling you all dismounted your horses. The three of you stood by the door, Rapunzel leaned her head against it, hearing the conversation inside. You chuckled, she was waiting for the perfect time to enter.

You heard Eugene's voice, "There has to be a way out of this." Rapunzel opened the door quickly, revealing you and your mom standing with Rapunzel.

"There is!" She said, causing you to try and hold back your chuckled, "But there's only one way out and that's through it!" You walked through the door and watched as Varian made his way over to you, standing by your side, "I'm not gonna sugarcoat this! This is the biggest challenge our kingdom has faced!"

Eugene nudged Varian, "No offense, Varian." He whispered. You laughed, grabbing onto the boy's shoulder for support.

Varian shrugged, "Nah..." He said smirking at the man.

"Time now to fight!" Rapunzel started, you were surprised by the sudden singing but shrugged it off nonchalantly, this was totally normal, "Let's turn our losing streak around! Rise and unite, let's do what we must do!" Rapunzel stood up from her place at the piano and ushered Varian over to play, "If we're to win, we can't turn back or sneak around." She poi Inter out to the crowd standing in from of her, "Once we begin, the only way is through!" She then hopped off the strange and ran over to her parents, "Through the fire! Through the rain! We'll face whatever the fates may bring and tear through every wall." She sang while hugging your mother, you chuckled lightly.

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