✿Chapter 38: Storming The Castle✿

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"Hey, look at that. A family of monkeys!" Eugene said, looking at all the animals. The monkeys started throwing bananas at the man, "Hey! Hey- hey!" He scolded.

You glanced over, deciding to get in on the whole nickname thing, "Don't take it personally Gee-bug. They're being territorial." Everyone chuckled at the use of the name.

Angry nodded, "They could have done something a lot worse." You chuckled.

"Yeah, well. Let's just find those plans." Rapunzel said, redirecting everyone's focus. You nodded before following the group forward, "This must be where Lord Demanitus found Vigor!"

You remembered that story, Rapunzel had told you everything that happened on her trip beyond the wall.

"So these are his great-great-great-great-grandmonkeys?" Eugene asked, half-joking, "Great."

You looked over to see Varian looking at inscriptions on the wall. Both of you turned around when you heard Lance gasp. You spotted him standing behind a big machine.

"Absolutely fascinating!" Varian said, looking at the machine, "And, I bet he used this to switch minds with the primate!" The boy knelt down and touched one of the prongs on the machine, "Genius!" The breathed.

You glanced over at Lance who was about to press the button, "Don't push that!" You said, trying to redirect his attention. You heard some commotion and turned around, seeing Eugene and the others chasing around a monkey that was holding a book. You and Varian chased after and tried to grab the book, completely forgetting about Lance still by the machine.

As you were about to chase the monkey around a corner Varian popped out from behind the corner and grabbed the monkey. The book was stolen by another monkey you turned and followed the others before hearing what sounded like a machine powering up. You glanced over seeing an angry monkey stomping towards the machine.

That angry monkey started speaking, "Lance! I told you not to—" That monkey was Varian. Your jaw dropped as you doubled over with laughter, "Wait what happened?" You looked over at his original body who was now sitting down and acting like a monkey, "You switched me with a monkey?! If I'm a monkey then- ah." He turned also looking at his original body, "Lance! Look what you did! Come on you've got to switch our minds back! I cannot believe you did this! Look what you've done to me!" You watched as all the others went by chasing the monkey.

Eugene ran past before noticing something weird, "Wh-what the? Lance?"

"Hold on! Hold on, I can fix this!" Lance said, going back to the machine. You decided to take a few steps back, not wanting to turn into a monkey.

Eugene shook his head, "Lance leave it alone!"

You saw Lance slip, the beam heading towards Eugene, and then hit a different monkey, "Oh, come on!" Monkey Eugene said before hitting a wall. Eugene's human body then started pressing the buttons.

Your frowned, walking around the back of the machine and pulling the man away, "Get- get over there!"

"No more monkey mischief!" Lance said before walking back to the machine, "Now, where was I?" He asked before pointing the machine at Varian, and pressing the button, switching their brains back. The boy stood up, letting out a sigh of relief.

"Phew! I'm back!" He chuckled. Lance then pressed the button again and you saw it hit Angry and a monkey. You let out a sigh.

The little girl put her hands on her hips, "Now you're doing it on purpose! Let me!" She argued, everyone began pulling on the machine. You stepped back, not wanting to break it. Everyone was pressing the button, the beam flew in every direction. It took a while but finally, everyone was in their original bodies. You were lucky that you never got hit with the beam.

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