✿Chapter 40: From Me, The Moon✿

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You and Rapunzel were currently sitting in your room getting ready for the ball, seeing as your room had not been destroyed in the battle. Rapunzel was doing your hair since it was the last thing you two had to do to get ready.

"Are you excited?" She asked, a knowing smirk plastered across her face.

You nodded watching as she put the final touches on your hair, "Of course I'm excited... I get to go to a ball with Varian." The woman then grabbed your shoulders and turned you around.

"So... you and Varian, huh?" She grinned.

You blushed, "Yeah... he's my best friend. And I realized... that day when we defeated Zhan Tiri, life is short. I don't want to spend my entire life questioning whether or not a guy likes me. So tonight I'm gonna tell him." You said confidently.

"That's the spirit!" She smiled, "You look so beautiful. That dress is really fitting for you." You smiled, doing a small twirl. You were happy with the dress too, besides the fact that it was a long dress. But your mother had insisted, although you did get to pick which one you wanted. The dress you picked was covered in tiny constellations, "OH! And don't forget your mask!" She picked up your mask and handed it to you. You looked it over, your fingers tracing the intricate details. The mask had a dainty design, it looked like a bird. You put it on. The mask only covered your eyes and nose, so most of your face was visible.

You let out a nervous sigh and glanced over at Rapunzel, "You ready?" You asked.

"As I'll ever be." The two of you let out a chuckle at the reference. You linked arms with her and began walking towards the ballroom.

The two of you stood in front of the door, waiting for Nigel to open it and announce the two of you. The royal family always entered last, giving the people time to mingle before the dance actually started. Nigel opened the door, "The Princesses Rapunzel and (Y/N)!" He exclaimed. The two of you stepped through the door, gasps rippled across the room.

You leaned over to Rapunzel, "Why are they all staring?" Rapunzel shook her head.

"They're staring because you look so beautiful." She said as the two of you started walking down the stairs. As soon as the two of you got to the bottom Rapunzel ran off to find her fiancé Eugene. You heard Nigel announce your parents and they walked down the stairs. As soon as they got to the midpoint your father put up his hand. The chatter around the room was silenced.

"Let the masquerade commence!" The man said before continuing down the stairs.

You turned around, your eyes training the room looking for Varian. He wasn't anywhere to be seen. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you noticed more people looking at you. You were about to walk towards the side of the room when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You spun around seeing Varian standing behind you, on his face was a bird mask, instead of having soft delicate lines like yours, his had rough jagged lines. It reminded you of a crow.

"M-may I have this dance?" He asked, you smiled at him.

"Of course." The boy held out his hand, you took it. He placed his other hand on your waist and pulled you close, the two of you swaying to the music.

He leaned close to you, making sure not to bump his mask against you, "You look amazing." You wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

"Everyone's been saying that... but I feel like I look normal. Like the same as always." You said, not sure whether the people actually mean it.

Varian smiled, "Well then, you look amazing every day." Your face flushed, you were glad the mask covered the top half of your face.

For a few minutes, the two of you danced in silence, soaking up each other's company. You realized that now was the time.

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