004. A Dance

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Footsteps echoed through the empty corridor as Aemma hurried past the sparse torches, wrapping her cloak tightly around her shoulder as she tried to warm herself.

It had taken long walks around her room, circling herself, before she had finally found it in herself to leave. A voice spoke in the back of her mind that she was finally getting what she had wanted for the longest time. She couldn't let the fear of being caught take it away from her. 

The wind whistled through her ears as she made her way to the dragon's entrance of the dragon pit. The regular entrance would surely be guarded by those that could tell on her. The dragon's entrance was only ever guarded by the dragon keepers. 

She could still feel Aemond's hands in hers, their handshake to seal a deal that would befit them both. She had thought it was perhaps just a dream, but as she hurried into the pit she could see Aemond standing in the centre. 

Aemma grinned, noticing the two wooden swords Aemond had placed beside him. 

"Is one of those mine?" 

Aemond glanced up at her, only just noticing her presence. Nodding, he picked up the two swords and threw one into the air towards her. Aemma eagerly went to catch it but just fell short. The two Targaryens watched as the sword clattered to the ground.

"That was shit," Aemond said.

"Shut up," Aemma scowled, reaching down to grab the wooden sword. 

"You should probably start with your grasp," Aemond said, holding his sword up to show his grip, "Ser Cole says you mustn't strangle it. It has to be an extension of your arm,"

Aemma nodded, loosening her grip as she tried to replicate Aemond's grip. Despite being wooden, Aemma could still feel the sword's weight on her wrist. She would have to work at sword fighting more to grow stronger arms. 

"So, what do you know about fighting with a sword?" Aemond asked, trying to get a grasp of her abilities.

"Stick them with the pointy end?" Aemma said, a small smile dancing on her mouth, "I don't know much,"

Aemond nodded, moving to stand directly in front of her. Acting as someone to mirror, Aemond placed himself in a defensive stance, waiting for Aemma to catch on and follow his lead. It didn't take Aemma too long to copy his movement, positioning herself in an uncomfortable stance. 

"Feet need to be a bit further apart," Aemond instructed, poking Aemma's legs with his sword, "You have to be secure on your feet so no one can throw you off,"

 Aemma scowled but complied, bringing her legs further apart.

"Drop into it a bit more," Aemond said, enjoying his new teacher role. 

"This feels weird," Aemma complained.

"Only because you're not used to it," Aemond pointed out, walking to her side to fix her arm position, "You're not very good at this considering your dad's a natural,"

"Daemon won the battle at the stepstones, not my dad," Aemma shrugged as Aemond positioned her correctly, "I think the Sea Snake is known for his fighting abilities, not Laenor,"

As Aemma turned to wait for Aemond's response, it appeared as though he was going to say something but decided against it. 

"Alright, so that's how you would normally stand because you'll almost always be on the defensive," Aemond explained, earning a scoff from Aemma, "But I can show you how to advance on an opponent,"

"But when do I get to fight someone?" Aemma complained, making slashing motions with her wooden sword. 

Aemond looked at her dubiously but Aemma would only meet his discouraging eyes with a pointed, stubborn look. She jutted out her chin, challenging. Eventually, Aemond sighed, shaking his head. 

As he began to turn, Aemma struck. 

A small thwack echoed off the cold walls as Aemond stood still. His free hand made its way up to the back of his head, holding it in a mixture of confusion and enamour. Turning his head, Aemma stood just behind him, holding her sword victoriously. She lowered herself into a soft curtsey, before taking off towards the dragon's exit from the dragon's pit. 

Aemond grinned, impressed by her stubbornness and audaciousness. He quickly took chase, sprinting out of the dragon's pit after the girl. The two Targaryeans hadn't spent all that much time together, having felt the tension between their mothers. Both Aemond and Aemma had been quick to follow in their mother's footsteps, willing to put a wall between each other for a reason they were not privy to. But in the cover of darkness, the already fractured wall broke so easily. 

Aemma was fast for her stature, not giving Aemond a second to stop for a breath as laughter spurted from her mouth. Still, Aemond's legs were just that much longer than hers. Even a few centimetres was an advantage, with Aemond slowly but surely catching up to her.

Aemma knew if she dared look behind her, she would undoubtedly slow and be caught. But her young mind couldn't help but glance back at her uncle in glee. And as she spun around, she felt herself step on the hem of her dress. 

She was pulled down by her own unsteady steps soon enough, getting a mouthful of sand. Spitting it out, she turned herself over, ready to stand back up and continue to flee. The blunt training sword at her throat made her pause. Gripping her sword in her hand, her eyes made contact with Aemond.

"I've never seen you smile before," Aemma said, positioning herself for a secret strike, "You're always so gloomy,"

"I am n-"

Aemond was cut off as Aemma lurched forward and pulled his leg, sending him toppling to the ground beside her. 

Aemma sat up, laughing at her cousin who was spluttering sand. The act caused Aemond to send a handful of sand Aemma's way, giving Aemond something to laugh about as Aemma frantically wiped at her face. 

"You're fun to hang out with Aemond. Way more fun than Aegon," Aemma decided, offering him her hand, "Truce?"

Aemond stared at her, as though such nice words had never been offered to him before. Eventually, though, he took her hand with a smile. A genuine smile. 


Authors note:

Don't worry, he doesn't stay quiet for long lol

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Don't worry, he doesn't stay quiet for long lol. 

Also, a new episode dropped today! I can't watch it until tonight : (

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