018. Marital Affairs

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A sharp slap bounced off the stone walls of Aemma's old childhood room. Aemond, the receiver of the anger, hardly flinched as the hand came across his face. He was watching Aemma with the best semblance of guilt a man who has never felt such mundane feelings such as shame and guilt could muster. 

"How dare you call my brothers Strongs," Aemma shouted, kicking him in the shins, "How dare you-"

"Are you alright?" Aemond asked, grabbing Aemma's wrists and bringing them in front of her so she couldn't strike him again.

"Am I alright?" Aemma laughed humourlessly, "No. You refuse to accept my brothers and I as Targaryens. All we are are bastards to you,"

"That's not what this is about, though," Aemond said, giving Aemma a pointed look. 

Aemma stared at Aemond incredulously. She went to pull her hands away, wishing to attack him again, but Aemonds grip was too strong, leaving her tugging away without any effect.

"Yes, it is! What else would it be about,"

Aemond gave her a pointed look, causing Aemma to stop struggling. 

"It can be about more than one thing," Aemma snapped, purposefully turning her head away from Aemond.

"You can't focus on more than one thing," Aemond smiled as he dropped her wrists, it was one of the things he loved about her, "Not when it comes to anger,"

Aemma folded her arms over her chest, huffing like a child. 

"I can be mad about you being a prick and about other things,"

"And what would the other things be?" Aemond probed, his eyes soft as he regarded her, "Perhaps occurrences that happen in darkness?"

Aemma sighed defeatedly, her eyes falling on her shoes as she fell silent. 

"You do not regret it, do you?" Aemond asked, placing a hand on Aemma's cheek to softly guide her eyes to his, "Because I do not,"

Aemond's hands, surprisingly, were always incredibly warm. Like a freshly baked loaf, they were just the right temperature to press her hands against and enjoy the heat spread through her. 

"No, it's not that," Aemma sighed, closing her eyes contently as he held her, "Well, yes, but no,"

Aemond frowned, taking her hand and guiding her towards a couch. As he lowered Aemma into the soft cushions, he gathered a glass of water to hand her. 

"It's not as easy as a yes or no," Aemma admitted, her head resting on Aemond's upper arm as he sat beside her, "It was reckless, even for me. Something like that getting out, a nosy servant seeing, could have resulted in a great deal of trouble for my mother,"

"You would not be the woman I love if you weren't so relentlessly reckless," Aemond murmured, running a hand through her hair, "Should anyone say anything about you that you do not wish to be made public, I would gladly slice into their heart and gift it to you," 

Aemma's eyes travelled up to Aemond's, her fingers interlocking with his, as his words settled into her mind. Her brain only seemed able to focus on the first part of his words, the more sinister latter part drifting out of her ears almost immediately. 

"Truly?" Aemma whispered, the words echoing in her mind, "Love?"

Aemond smiled down at her, his finger moving down to her chin. Tilting her head up slightly, he pressed a soft kiss to her temple. He lowered his head, pressing soft kisses on her nose and cheeks before eventually arriving at her lips. It was soft, reminding her of their first kiss ever. Aemma smiled into the kiss. 

The two broke away, only the hushed sound of birds beginning to take to bed being able to be heard from where they were. Aemma watched Aemond, her soon-to-be husband, with barely concealed adoration. But as she took him in, her eyes seemed to focus on the patch covering his eye. 

Gingerly lifting her hand towards the eyepatch, she made her movements as slow as possible to allow Aemond to pull away if he so desired. 

Aemond didn't move away, though his body did tense as Aemma's fingers touched his eye patch. Aemma softly pulled down his patch, revealing the sapphire gem that took up the space that once held Aemond's eye as a child. It twinkled at her, never having seen another person before. Aemond had always kept it hidden. 

"It scares people," Aemond said, casting his gaze down shamefully, "It's gentleman-like to keep it hidden. You always asked me to be a gentleman,"

Aemma smiled, placing a hand lovingly on his cheek. Leaning in, she placed a soft kiss on his sapphire eye.

"It's like the ocean, more beautiful than anything humans could comprehend," Aemma told him, Aemond placing his hand over hers, "I love it,"

Authors note:

Yes, Aemma is childish as hell. Kicking people in the shins, lol

Also, short and very sweet chapter cause I don't have a lot of time but I want you guys to enjoy Aemma and Aemond bliss. 


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