023. A Song Of Return

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Aemma had to slow her dragon some to keep in pace with Rhaeny's Meraxes. Meraxes' considerably larger size prevented the she-dragon from speeding through the clouds in the same way the nimbler Greensmoke could. It didn't bother Aemma too much. After all, who in their right mind would try and shoot down two dragons?

Despite the slower speeds, the two Velaryons safely arrived at Dragonstone in sufficient time. Jumping off her dragon, she expected to feel her brothers and mother's warm, welcome embrace. Instead, the steel armour of the Kingsguard was waiting with their hands on their swords. 

"Tell Princess Rhaenyra I wish an audience with her and Prince Daemon," Rhaenyra called from over Aemma's head, stepping off her dragon with much more grace than Aemma, "It is quite urgent,"

The two Kingsguard members nodded, one hurrying off inside the castle as the other stayed with them.

"You will meet them in the Chamber of the Painted Table," The guard said, bowing to the both of them, "Princess Rhaenyra will be glad to meet with you, princesses,"

Aemma followed after the guard and Rhaenys, her hands pressing her dress. 

"Where did you get that armour, anyway?" Aemma asked in a hushed voice, though Rhaenys didn't respond. 

Aemma's eyes darted around as they walked through Dragonstone, wondering if she would get to see Jace or Luke before the seven hells broke loose upon Westeros. 

"The princess Rhaenys Targaryen and the princess Aemma Velaryon," 

Rhaenyra and Daemon stood together by the fire, speaking quietly to one another as Aemma walked into the room. Rhaenyra turned first, her hand protectively placed over her enlargened stomach. 

"Mother," Aemma exclaimed, her legs carrying her across the room before her mind could command it.

Rhaenyra met her daughter, soon to be eldest daughter, halfway across the room. Aemma fell into the embrace, melting into the same little girl who would run into her mother's room crying of nightmares years ago. 

"My beautiful daughter," Rhaenyra murmured, placing her hands on her daughter's face as she took her in, "To what do I need to thank for seeing my daughter so soon?"

Aemma met her mother's eyes, tears beginning to blur her vision as reality set into the room. Their King, her grandfather and Rhaenyra's father, had died and thrown the calm kingdom into chaos unimaginable. 

"Mother, the King- grandfather-" Aemma paused, glancing back at Rhaenys helplessly. 

"Viserys is dead," Rhaenys finished. The hands that held onto Aemma fell as Rhaenyra stared at Rhaenys, "I grieve this loss with you, Rhaenyra. My cousin, your father... possessed a kind heart,"

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