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Hi im Will and it must be crazy weird for me to be talking to you, the reader but this is the only way youll talk to me as...Me how about i explain in the form of an actual story.

this story takes place in the modern day but our date is August 3rd 2013 and Eleven doesnt has her powers its just nothing going wild

Mike's POV

that day i was waiting out front of El and Wills place to pick up Will i really wanted to tell him something that I meant to tell him about 2 years ago but i just couldnt bring myself to do it i thought that he might think its weird so i never ever told him but tonight i was going to teal him for sure.

that was until the door opend to reveal a crying El all my nervousness dropped and went back up as worry "El what happen whats wrong!?" she sobbed as i pulled her into a hug "m-mom just called and she s-said Will got into a terrible car accident on the way home from the libray a-and" she couldnt even finish before falling to the ground i fell right with her as she trembled "El come on tell me what happen to him!?"

she looked to me her make up pouring down her face along with her tears "h-he died" she started crying even more and shoved her face into my chest i shakily put my arms around her as my whole body felt limp i became limp and un tensed my body she she clung to me tighter i felt like i couldnt move my body at all eventually i heard El calm down she pulled away from me and held my hands.

"don't worry Mike it'll be okay he's still here with u-us just in our hearts" i looked to her i couldnt even muster a smile "yea" she smiled and stood up she took my hand and tugged a bit.

"come o-on Mike let's go meet my mom at the hospital" i looked up to her and sighed trying to stand but i couldn't "E-El i cant move" she looked to me "what do you mean" "i-i cant move my legs" she gave me a very confused look she sat down next to me "Mike move your legs so there facing the front of the steps" i turned my head towards the steps and moved my legs towards them...or so i thought.

they didnt move at all.

"come on Mike move them we have to go" i turned to her worried "i-i really can't El i can't move them" she started to look panicked "and this isnt some joke or something" i turned to her and gave her a weird look "El why the fuck would i joke in this situation i can not move!" she started to panick "i-i'll call Jonathan" i sighed in a panick as i tried to move my legs eventually Jonathan came and hopped out of his car he looked to be crying his eyes out like everyone else probably.

"Mike you okay?!" he ran over to me and sat down he grabbed my legs and pulled them foward problem is its like i didnt even feel is hands on my legs.

"did you feel my hands?" i turned to him very scared and shook my head "alright then im gonna pull you up and your gonna try and stand" i nooded he stood up and took my hands in his pulling me up he held my fore arms and looked at me "alright im gonna let you go and if you fall ill catch you before you hit the floor" i was scared but nooded again he nooded and then let go and i instantly fell back.

his face turned to shock as i screamed he then caught me before i hit the ground which i was thankful for he held me as El walked over "so is Mike..." "paralized i think" i turned to him as my jaw dropped "what!?" "i-i dont know for sure but we'll go to the hospital and see" i felt like passing out as Jonathan picked me up and brought me to the back seat of his car and eventually we got to the hospital.

and hours later of crying my eyes out sitting next to El and Joyce along with Dustin my other bestfriend and the rest of my family as they soon learned i couldnt move and that Will....died.

I was eventually diagnosed with psychosomatic weakness apparently finding out about Will's death was so unbelievably shocking and traumatic that my legs had become paralized.

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