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Will's POV

I sat with Kylie, helping her organize the beads, this was so fun to me for some reason!

"How are you and Mike?" I turned to Kylie and smiled "Things are so amazing, being out of there is perfect and being with Mike makes everything so much better!"

Kylie smiled "What about that one friend you're always talking about...Maverick?" I smiled softly "Oh gosh I miss him, even though I visit him almost everyday it isn't the same, he's the only reason I didn't hurt myself in there..."

Kylie nodded again "Mike was so upset with out you, he thought about you everyday" I nodded smiling brighter again "I know, I should've never done what I did, it was all to risky, just for one kiss? I ruined my life and wasted time..."

"I don't think your life is completely ruined, you still have Mike" I nodded "You know, he's such an amazing guy...When you weren't around he did so much for me..." I smirked "Oh really?" "Yea, oh it was so nice having him do stuff for me..."

"I bet, he does stuff for me all the time now and it's just amazing to have all this treatment" Kylie nodded "he's also pretty good looking..." I nodded again turning to her, so she definitely did have a crush on Mike, weird.

"Yea, he's the prettiest boy in the world" Kylie smiled "sometimes I wish I was you..!" She chuckled and I rose my brow keeping that same smirk on my face.

"Having him must be amazing!" "Oh it is" Kylie turned to me sighing "I wish Angel looked like him sometimes"

"Why would you want that?" "I don't know, you know what? Forget about it" I shrugged it off and continued sorting.

She was weird Mike was right, but why did she want him so bad, she had Angel and Angel seems like a great kid, so what's wrong with her.

"You should appreciate Angel more" Kylie turned to me raising her brow "I do appreciate Angel."

"I mean I don't know...you're always pinning over Mike for some reason..." "I'm not pinning for Mike" "you were just swooning over him, Kylie."

"Well I was just complimenting him..!" She laughed "he's a good guy, can I not give him compliments."

I shook my head "You can! But you never know if Angel might take it the wrong way" "oh never, Angel knows I love him..."

I turned to her quickly seeing her expression change, she didn't like Angel there's no way.

"Okay, let's get this done" I said getting back too it, she nodded and continued.

I don't know if I hit a nerve or not but she wasn't talking to me anymore, I'd feel bad if I was wrong but I wasn't she really was pinning for Mike and forgetting about her boyfriend.

1 hour later

"Finally! This took so long!" I closed the top to the jar with the black beads and smiled, just then the door unlocked and in came Angel.

Mike walked out and Angel smiled at him "having a good day" "no, your girlfriend is annoying me."

Angel laughed walking over and sitting next to me "how could she out of all people annoy you!" Angel walked over and pulled her into a hug kissing her forehead and pulling way "She's definitely not annoying."

Mike rolled his eyes and grabbed me by the hands "Well now that you're back I can intertrain my boyfriend." Angel nodded "Bye Will!" I smiled as she said bye and Angel smiled at me.

We got to Mike's room and got into the bed "Had fun?" I smiled and nodded "Yea it was quite peaceful organizing all the beads but uh...I think Kylie really wants you" Mike rolled his eyes "You think?"

I sighed "I feel bad for Angel though, he seems to really like her..." Mike nodded "Well that's what he gets for getting with someone who apparently likes older guys" "Mike!" Mike giggled "What! It's true!"

I rolled my eyes and laid my head on the pillow Mike crawled up and began kissing my neck. With a smile I brought my hands to his back and began rubbing a bit.

Jus then there was a knock at Mike's door "Oh my fucking god! will we ever be able to have peace!" I giggled as I got from the bed and went to the door when I opened it there stood Kylie.

"I need to talk to you" I rose my brow "About?" "Just come here" She pulled me out the room as I closed the door behind me and followed her to the living room.

"I like Angel..." I shook my head a bit "I know that already..." "But I don't love him..." I turned away and looked to Angels door which was closed "I can't love him cause I really like Mike..."

I turned back to her and scrunched my face up "Okay you have to cut it out, he's my boyfriend and there is no way you can't even love Angel cause you like Mike!"

Kylie sighed "I thought it would be best to tell you but clearly I was wrong cause all you did was yell at me!" I shook my head "I'm not yelling, You have to cut it out and stop liking Mike, He is taken! By me! And there is no way you're just going to hurt your boyfriend who might I add loves you! by liking someone who doesn't even like you regularly!"

Kylie stood and walked a little towards Angels door "I was here before you Will, Just remember that, there is nothing I can't do to get you out of this place" She went into the room and closed the door.

I was shocked! Here before me!? If she's referring to her knowing Mike longer then she's completely wrong! She knows shit about Mike! I stood up and walked back into Mike's room and sat next to Mike.

"What happen?" "That girl is crazy!" Mike laughed "tell me about it" "No Mike she's actually terrible! She just told me she can't be in love with Angel cause she likes you!" Mike rolled his eyes "That's ridiculous."

"Oh and better yet she said she's going to do everything in her power to get me out of here" Mike once again rolled his eyes "She can't do anything, she doesn't pay to live here and you've done nothing wrong to be kicked out so...everything okay."

Mike pulled me down into the bed and hugged me tight "Don't worry, she's just a kid you'll be fine..." I smiled and turned to Mike "I love you Mike" Mike smiled and kissed me pulling away "I love you more..."

3rd person POV

Little did the both of them know that Kylie had much more power then they thought, she had Angel on her side and she was the master of manipulation she was ready to get Will so far out of the picture Mike wouldn't even remember his name.


Wth do I do with this story! I put every last detail into the first 4 chapters and now it's nothing! Can someone ANYONE give me an idea for what to do next and how to keep the bitch ass story alive!- Jay☆

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