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Mike's POV

It had been a while since the little thing with Kylie and nothing had happened since, me and WIll were left alone and perfectly fine.

And then one day I got the best news of my life! 

"Hey Mike, I'm thinking of moving out soon" I turned to Angel as he walked into the living room from his room "Seriously?" He nodded with a smile "I think I'm ready for it anyway, and besides I kinda want my own space and I wanna leave some space for you and your boyfriend."

I smiled at him as he sat down next to me "I just don't know if Kylie wants to leave this place, I brought it up to her and she got a little upset about the whole thing, says she likes your boyfriend a lot cause he's cool and shit and she thinks it's just a nice place."

I rose my brow knowing this was just some plotting to stay her "Dude, she doesn't pay the rent, if you leave that should be all on your, not her" He turned to me and smiled a bit then dropped it thinking "It's just I want to make her happy you know, I don't want her to leave me or something."

I nodded, it kinda sucked, since Will had gotten back I haven't been disliking Angel, in fact I haven't disliked him for a while at all, Kylie doing this to him was disrespectful and especially doing it for a guy like me.

"Well, you should do what make you happy, if shes not happy that your happy then that's a sign" He nodded "Thanks, so, if I move out will Will move in?" I nodded with a smile, Angel laughed "Don't get freaky cause I'm gone."

I rolled my eyes smirking as he got up and walked off, as he did this there was knocking at the door, Angel opened it and out front stood Will and Kylie.

Angel smiled and said hi to Will as he pulled Kylie into him, "Hey baby!" I said smiling and Will smiled as well, "I think we should do something fun tonight!" I rose my brow "Alright, what do you want to do?"

Will smirked taking my hand and taking us to my bedroom "Max, Lucas, Toby and Jackie want to go Rollerskating tonight, can we please go after I visit Maverick?" I smiled "Sure, we haven't done anything fun since you've gotten back matter a fact."

Will smiled at me and I smiled back as he pulled me into a hug, he began to lift me off the ground and I laughed wrapping my arms around his shoulders and my legs around his waist.

"I love you" I said and he smiled softly as I leaned down into his lips "I love you too" He said on my lips making me laugh and pull away "Alright let's go see Maverick" I said and he smiled as we got ready to go.

"So when is Maverick getting out again?" Will turned to me and smiled "4 years now, It's a while but I hope it flies by in no time" I turned to Will with  smile as we made it to the prison.

I looked around, I had been here just a couple of times to drop Will off so he could see Maverick, ever since Will had gotten out of prison I've heard so much about this guy.

"Are you going to come in this time?" I shook my head "I hate even being at this place" he laughed a bit "Well it's not like you were the one in here for 10 years" I punched him in the shoulder as he got out of the car.

"I'll be back in a bit!" I nodded as he left.

Will's POV

I walked into the prison and went through the visitation processes and once that was finished I went in a sat down, and I only waited a bit before I saw Maverick come out.

He smiled at me and sat down "Hey!" I smiled "Hi! How are you?" Maverick smiled "I'm doing great! cause I know it's been forever and I bet you forgot but I finally found a piece of tap to hang up that little picture I made of you!"

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