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Will's POV

"What do you mean make me a girl Max!?"

Her smile got bigger "I got these cool friends names Jackie and Toby and they can definitely make you look like a whole new person but in our case a girl"

I was still so very confused but then began thinking about what's just happen I'm dead...

Well fake dead but still everyone believes I died I wonder how Mom with take it and Hopper, Jonathan and El.

All because these dumb asses wanted to hit me!!

I began to cry and Max sat next to me rubbing my back "don't worry dude I promise after tommorow everything with be golden."

I turned to her wiping my eyes "okay turn me into a girl" Max smiled and Lucas popped around the corner "that's My boy! Let's head on over to Jackie's place and get you girlified."

I gave him a weird look still concerned about what was going on and how I wasn't in a literal movie.

We got in one of they're cars and drove off.

"So your new girl name is gonna be Willow cause Will, Willow get it?" I rolled my eyes "mhm yea but uh can I chose a different name" Max smiled "sure dude" I was thinking and then I had one "I'll be Sapphire."

Lucas turned back to me and smiled big "that is a pretty name Mike will love itttt" I smiled back at him as we pulled into the drive way of what I assumed to be Jackie's house.

The door swung open to reveal a very tall, lanky boy with fluffy brown hair and a big goofy smile "you must be Will I'm Toby" he held his hand out I smiled and shook his hand "and that over there is my best friend Jackie were the ones who are gonna make you a girl!"

He lead me inside as Lucas and Max followed along Jackie was doing something weird before looking up and smiling "Max, Lucas! So glad to see you" she ran over to them and hugged them and then turned to me.

She smiled softly "I know these bone heads ruined your life but this my friend shall make it better if you truly wanna be a girl." I gave her a sad smile and nodded.

Truth is though didni really wanna be a girl?

I mean I always wanted it so Mike could Like me but it was only a dream so it becoming and reality was super super weird.

"Alright were gonna have to measure your face your body and all that crap so let's get to it!" Toby said grabbing my shoulders and bringing me to the area where Jackie was working.

It was very very horrific to say the least they made a girl mold of my face using a foam latex mask then they used a bunch of makeup and prosthetics they had clothes for me that were surprisingly my size they had fake boobs to that looked very real for some odd reason and after hours of this....

"Your finally complete" Jackie said with a huge smile on her face I had told them both the name I chose for the girl "mhm Sapphire is look tip top shape" Toby said I smiled as I felt my face.

"Can I look now" Jackie's smile grew "Totally!, turn around" I spun in my chair and in front of me was a large mirror I couldn't even recognize myself I look so...different.

"Wow this is amazing" they smiled "I know right now we're gonna teach you how to put it on and re apply it."

I sighed "oh gosh" and after another 2 hours I learned how to apply and re apply I then showed Max and Lucas.

"You are so unrecognizable I can barley tell its you!" I smiled "yea but the problem is I don't sound like a girl." Max sighed and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Just talk with a higher pitch voice" me and her Began talking back and fourth trying my best to master a "girl voice" soon enough she told me it sounded the best I can do.

"Alright this is your voice were gonna buy you all knew clothes and you'll live with us now" she smiled and I smiled back "this is your new Life Sapphire Mayfield!" I gave her a confused look.

"My last name is gonna be Mayfield" she laughed "yup you'll be my daughter ill adopt you!" I sighed and looked down "alright then" I heard her laugh again as she pulled me up "alright when its morning we'll do the shopping for now lets roll!"

We left after I said bye to Jackie and Toby apparently I'd be seeing them a lot.

We got back to the place and I took everything off Lucas gave me some pajamas and they led me to there guest bedroom "this is your new bedroom soon you'll be able to decorate it like your old room" I smiled and told him goodnight as I took all the stuff off and got ready for bed.

I stood looking at myself in the bathroom mirror and sighed.

"What am I doing, I should just go back home and say my high ass friends tried ruining my life I'm not dead" I looked at myself once again before leaving the bathroom and turning off the lights.

I layed down and sighed grabbing the pillow and holding close to me.

I began to cry thinking about how I'd have to started everything over as Sapphire Mayfield...

And how Will Byers is...Dead

I layed back up and looked to the ceiling thinking about almost everything that happen tonight.

But maybe it wasn't that bad and I'd finally get Mike to like me.

Until the next morning when I found out something horrific had happen to Mike and its all because of...Me.

Word Count: 996


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