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Will's POV

"Yea so uh...Mike became paralyzed because he was so traumatized you died..."

My jaw was on the floor when Max had came into my room the next morning "So Mike can't walk because of me?!"

Max scratched the back of her neck "Mhm yea exactly El had got my number and called telling me you died I had to cry my eyes out for you dude and then she told me Mike became paralyzed because of it."

I then began crying I bet I just wasted all my tears in 2 days that I could've wasted over a month this is awful terrible.

Max pulled me into a hug "Will I'm so sorry but this should be better for you I-I promise were going to go to the mall today and get you some brand new clothes me and Lucas are gonna do a great job as your new parents!"

I looked to her through my glossy eyes "you know you probably had me at like 6 if your my actual mom" Max gave me a confused look "I don't know if that math is right but it's not hard for me to look a little older then I am."

I sighed wiping my eyes "alright let's go" she smiled "that's the spirt! Get into your costume or whatever ill leave you some of my clothes to change into for now."

I sighed agian remembering I had to be "Sapphire" I nooded and she left coming back a few and giving me the clothes.

"Alright don't take to long we have places to beeee" I smiled and went into the bathroom putting all the stuff on and putting some make up on as well I looked in the mirror and started to smile I looked...pretty.

I smiled one last time before leaving the bathroom and putting on the clothes I looked in the full length mirror on the wall and once agian smiled maybe I really could pull off being a girl.

I walked out, Max and Lucas looked over and smiled "looking good Sapphire" I smiled "thanks" I said that in my girl voice which caused Max to smile more "I really think your getting it down Willy" she punched me in the arm as we walked out.

"My name isn't Willy is Sapphire" she laughed "alright girl don't get to into your role" I smiled getting in the car.

I had a feeling this was gonna come along with some regrets but I felt like I was gonna be happier and so here begins my journey as...

Sapphire Mayfield.

Mike's POV

After I got the diagnosis I went home and just cried I mean there's nothing more I could do Dustin decided to spend the night at my house to keep me company.

He had to carry me up the staris which had to be the most embarrassing thing ever.

He then slept on the floor next to me and then woke me up the next morning.

"Rise and shine Mike!" He pulled the covers off of me I groaned I sat up on my elbows.

I then got up and stretched...or so I thought.

All I did was stretch and fall back, Dustin gasped and kneeled down on my bed.

"Damn dude you alright why did you stretch without balancing first?" I sighed "I thought I stood up" he gave me a look of sorrow while sitting me up.

"Did you forget" I frowned and nodded he looked at me again with a sadder look "don't worry dude I'll be here the whole way through your recovery I'll always be here" I smiled hugging him he chuckled and hugged me back.

"And I also won't let you stay in the house depressed I know Will's gone but he definitely wouldn't want you to be sad so let's get out there and find you a girlfriend!"

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