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Will's POV

Eventually I finsished talking to Mike and it was great it was like meeting him for the first time but the only thing I hated was seeing him in this wheelchair.

But now I was Mike's friend, Sapphire.

"So your going to our school?" I smiled at him "yea I am hopefully it's a good school year" he smiled at me and my heart melted, I loved his smile.

"Yea I mean your coming during the middle but uh not that I want it and not that I don't but maybe you'll get Wills classes since you know he passed away." All I kept feeling was this feeling to rip this stupid stuff off my face and tell them my friends are physcos and made me do this.

"Yea maybe" I smiled at him and he smiled back "c-can I get your number" and just then I realized I didn't have a number I was a nobody now im this new person with no records at all.

"Umm uh I don't have a number or anything yet" he gave me a confused look "w-why you know if you didn't wanna give me your number you could just tell m-me."

My heart then started to hurt I felt bad he thought I didn't want his number "no no ofcourse I want it but I seriously don't have a phone or phone number yet."

He sighed "that's ok ill give you my number and when you get a phone text me" I smiled then Max, Lucas and Dustin walked out and came towards us.

"Looks like my girls already making friends with cute little boys!" Max said pinching my cheek I smiled "mhm and uh could you get me a phone so I can call him" I turned back to Mike and smiled as he blushed, this girl thing was working he might actually like me!

"Ofcourse we can we wouldn't want you not connected to the socials!" She seemed very out of it and I could sense it.

"Well Mike it was fantastic meeting you but I think we gotta go" he looked sad but smiled "wait!" I turned to him before getting up he pulled my hand down he reached for Dustin's pocket and pulled out a pen.

I blushed as he grabbed my hand and started to write down his number then he put a heart at the end he smiled up at me softly and I wanted to die of a smile could kill i would've already been dead.

"It was fantastic meeting you too Sapphire" I smiled at him as we got up and went down the escalator.

"Did you hear what Steve said we're idiots we're gonna go to jail for fake killing you!"

I sighed "we need records of me even being something I am a nobody right now" I started speaking in my regular voice as we made it out the mall.

"Right but what are we gonna do how are we gonna do that!?" Lucas said getting in the driver seat Max in the passenger me in the back.

"We have to do something but it's gonna be hard when your soon to be wanted criminals" Max sighed as Lucas wiped out the parking lot and back to the house.

Once we got there we ran in and we got on the news we all sat and watched.

"Breaking news we have found the person who elegedly hit and run Will Byers traced from their license plate."

"Oh my fucking God!" Lucas stood up and started walking around the room.

"The license traces back to Max Mayfield" they then showed a picture of her "if anyone knows of her where abouts contact the number on the bottom of the screen to bring Will Byers' killer to just justice."

I turned to Max and then Lucas "we have to bring you back and say it was all a hoax or whatever I am not going to jail!"

"No I can't go back I finally have Mike!" Lucas turned to me with his jaw dropped. "What the fuck is wrong with you Will if you don't go back we go to jail!"

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