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☆5 days before new years☆

Me and Maverick were just put into our cell late that night after we were put into the yard.

"So I over heard the guards talking you know there's 5 more days till new years" I smiled at him and layed down.

"Yea i know just 5 more days till I'm out" he nodded at me and sat down next to my bed pulling out the box that was under it. Right now there were no guards out front of our cell.

In the box was a book he stole from the libray, a couple wires from the fence in the court yard, pieces of foam he ripped off from his padded cell, and a bunch of spons from the cafeteria.

"What did you get today" he looked up at me and smiled "I found a ring" he pulled the ring from his pocket and placed it in.

"Oh where did you find it?" I sat up and looked down at him as he kept digging around in his pocket.

"In the gym, you know I just went in there to find you and I found it" I smiled "little buff Byers" I started to laugh as he laughed a bit too.

"So what else" he smiled "I found something that kinda reminds me of you" he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

I looked at it and it was a stick figure drawing of me with big muscles.

I giggled as I looked at it "what's this for Maverick" "I didn't find this by the way I made it with a piece or paper and a broken pencil I found."

I smiled "why did you waste the only paper you'll probably ever find on this" he laughed "cuz your my bestfriend and your leaving in 5 days I need something to remember you."

My smile slowly started to fade into a sad one he smiled softly and sat on my bed and grabbed my hand.

"I'm really gonna miss you when your gone Will" I turned to him and smiled "we'll get to celebrate new years together, and when I'm out ill vist it you all the time" he smiled "welp if I find a piece of tape ever ill tape that picture to my wall and everytime I see it ill think of you."

I smiled as tears started to fill my eyes "I'm glad we were cell mates you've made my time in here a lot better" he smiled "hey I had to take you under my wing"

I smiled as I hugged him "it's crazy how we spent 10 years together all ready" he chuckled lowly "yea it really is"

He pulled away and looked out the bars in our cell he smirked back at me as he reached under his mattress and grabbed the wire.

"I shall add the mark of the first 5 days" I smiled as he added it under my bed the bottom of my bed was almost full who knew how much 10 years could be so many tallies.

"You know when I do get out of here you know in 5 more years I hope your waiting for me"  I chuckled as a gaurd screamed lights out and the lights turned off and it became dark the only light was a very small lamp towards the bottom of our toilet.

"Remember that time you beat up that guy for me" I laughed as he grabbed my hand "yea I do" he turned to me and smiled as I smiled back.

"Damn in 5 days I won't see agian untill I'm out" I sighed "I know I-I'm gonna miss you" I began to cry a bit he sat up and sighed.

"Hey don't cry it'll be okay you said you'll come visit all the time" I cried more "ofcourse, ofcourse I will" he hugged me.

"We gotta go to bed now you know they like to torture us" I chuckled a bit "yea goodnight Mave" he smiled and hugged me while getting out of my bed and getting on his.

"Goodnight Will I love you" I smiled "love you too" I closed my eyes and started to fall asleep I was gonna miss Maverick but I couldn't wait to see my family, friends, and Mike.

Mike's POV

I was with Dustin right now talking about Will.

"Soo he's getting out in 5 days how you feeling" he asked as he picked his drink up and took a sip I sighed.

"I'm scared if he doesn't still love me" Dustin smiled softly "I promise he still loves you he wouldn't have done everything he did if he didnt."

I turned and smiled "you think he's skinny and frail" I chuckled a bit "probably he was skinny and frail when he left i-its probably worse."

"Your still gonna love him though" I smiled while grabbing my drink and swirling it the icecubes hitting the rim of the cup.

"Ofcourse I will" Dustin patted my back "you think he'll come see you first."

I laughed "Nope he's probably gonna go see my sister and Jonathan" he nodded "righttt and thennn" I turned to him and smirked.

"He's gonna go see Jane at college" Dustin turned to me "isn't she home?" "Nope there going more upwards" he sighed.

"Okay and then" I began to chuckle "he's gonna go see Max and Lucas they get out when he does too."

Dustin started to laugh and so did I "alright well he's saving the best for last" I smiled "I can't wait till he hears about all the girls you dodged just for him" I sighed "he's my everything I had too."

"You missed out on 10 years of his life, are you sure you still love him" I sighed "if he's anything like he used to be then yes I'm in love with him."

Dustin smiled "welp when you and him get married I better be the best man" I laughed "ofcourse dude, even if we do get married."

He laughed "get some balls and get down one knee when you guys catch up" my smile faltered a bit "yea its probably gonna be a bit before we know everything about eachother."

His smile fell a little too "yea but I know your still bestfriends in the heart" I smiled "I can't wait to be more then bestfriends he kissed me before he was taken there has to be something."

Dustin wagged his finger as he took another sip of his drink "10 years buddy remember it" I groaned "come on dude!" He laughed "sorry sorry but seriously it's gonna be a while" I sighed "hopefully not."

Dustin smiled "all I know is he still loves you platonically or not" I smiled.

"Yea hopefully" the football game then came back on the TV after the adds and Dustin was fully ingulfed in that I watched but barley payed attention.

I really hoped Will still loved me. It wouldn't be long untill I see him and it would honestly be unreal.

It's gonna be like a dream come true.

And I couldn't wait.

Word count: 1202


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