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Mike's POV

Joyce had texted me saying that they just got to the apartment and that Will was coming up.

I was very excited to see him but also more nervous then ever good thing Angel and his weird ass girlfriend weren't here, they were actually at Angels dads house for the new year.

So it was gonna be Just me and Will and that was gonna be perfect.

I replied saying I was coming even though it took a minute I went to find my slides then I looked for a Hoodie it was pretty cold outside.

Once I finsished I walked out the door and down the hall I grabbed my phone out of my pocket cause of a notification.

I went into my phone to look untill I bumped into someone.

"Sorry!" I looked up and the person I had bumped into was...Will

"Will?" I said shocked I could already feel my face get hot as he looked up at me.

My heart was racing a million miles per hour as I examined his features.

His hair was longer and dark and so pretty his eyes were still a beautiful hazel color and his body I could go on for days talking about it.

He definitely wasn't the same scrawny Will he was a new Will and I fucking loved it.

"Oh my goodness Mike" he looked shocked i smiled a bit as he looked me up and down.

"I-I cant believe it" I smiled as I could feel the tears in my eyes "me neither" I pulled him into a hug as I heard him cry into my chest.

I rested My head on the top of his as tears started to roll down my face.

He pulled away and held my face tucking a bit of hair behind my ear.

"You still look amazing " he said his cheeks Turing a light pink as his lips curled into a smile.

I felt my heart began to race again as my blush darkened "you look much different but your still so pretty."

He giggled a bit that's when I knew he hadn't changed that's the same old giggle he used to have nothing in his personality changed except for his looks.

"Can we go inside it's freezing" he said I quickly apologized and started to lead him towards my apartment.

Once we got in he looked around. "You like it?" He turned to me and smiled "yea its a lot like you" I smiled too as we sat down on my couch.

He looked over and I could see that he saw the handle of the wheelchair.

I sighed as he turned to me "I'm so sorry for what I did Mike" I shook my head and grabbed his hand "you only did it cause you wanted me to love you, love makes you do crazy things."

I could see his face go pink I wanted to do nothing more then kiss him but I didn't know if it was the right time.

"I missed you so much" he whisperd cluching onto my hand more I smiled and held tighter too "yea I missed you a lot too it was quite unbearable without you" he turned to me and smiled softly.

"So who's your roommate?" My face instantly dropped "some kid his name is Angel I don't like him" Will laughed "I bet you don't you could barley share a room with my at times."

I smiled "yea its even worse his girlfriend tried to seduce me" I turned to him as he jaw fell to the floor I laughed harder then I have in a while eventually he started laughing with me.

"Oh my gosh what!?" "I know right it was terrible" he smiled at me as he still laughed I smiled looking at him.

This is the only thing I've wanted to see for 10 years now and now that he's finally here right in front of me it feels like a dream.

"So what happened after highscool?" I laughed "so much happened."

We eneded up gossiping together about things that happen in high-school and even some drama that went on at the prison.

I asked him what it was like and when he explained it, it sounded exactly how I'd imagine a prison to be.

He told me about his cell mate and how that was his bestfriend. "Hey I thought I was your bestfriend" he smiled and giggled a little "ofcourse you are and you still are it's just Maverick is also my bestfriend."

I nodded and smiled "I'm so happy your back Will" "me too Mike"

Will's POV

It was unbelievably amazing seeing Mike right in front of me I wanted to kiss him so badly I wanted to do everything in my power to be as close to him as possible.

Right now we were only holding hands but I wanted to hug him, be on top of him, just be all over him.

"Mike I love you" I felt as if it just slipped out through my thoughts my face instantly turned a bright red as he put his hand to my cheek.

"I love you to Will" My heart began to race as our faces got inches apart. "Is this ok?" I heard him whisper lowly "yes, yes it's ok" I could feel the smile on his lips as he kissed me.

It was like I instantly went to cloud nine my whole world was being built back to what it used to be in a single kiss.

This is all I've ever wanted, the only thing I dreamed of for 10 years straight.

And here I was finally kissing Mike for real this time. It was me and him no Loud noises, no sirens, no screaming, just us.

Eventually we pulled away I looked to his lips as they became a bright red. "I waited to long for a kiss like that" I smiled as I leaned to him and kissed him again.

"It felt like forever" he laughed as he pulled me closer to him are faces close once again.

"Will you stay here with me tonight?" I smiled as our foreheads came together.

I leaned forward a bit and kissed his nose.

"Only if you wanna be my boyfriend" he giggled and pulled my face away holding it gently in his hands.

"Ofcourse I'll be your boyfriend" I smiled and kissed him once agian.



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