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Mike's POV

After me and Will finished cooking we ate and finished up by 4:20.

"Alright come on let's go!" I said jumping up from my seat and taking his hand running to the front door, grabbing my keys and zooming out the door.

"Geez Mike! Chill" I smiled and locked my door then I remembered it was cold.

"We need Jackets" Will smiled and we went back inside and grabbed our coats then left the house again and went down to the parking lot.

"When did you get this car?" "When I started walking again" I saw Will's expression fall as I laughed. "It's fine baby, I forgive you."

"Yea but I'll never forgive myself" I sighed as we both got in the car. "Put it in the past Will, your back and it's been 10 years since then" I said as I started the car and began to drive off.

"I know but I still feel terrible about it, I mean I literally faked my own death and you became paralyzed because of it!" He exclaimed as I just turned to him and put my hand on his thigh.

"I already forgive you, I'm just happy to have you back" he smiled at me and grabbed the hand that was resting on his thigh.

"This is why I believe that your perfect." I rolled my eyes at him with a bright smile plastered across my face as we made it to the barber shop.

"Alright, you ready?" He looked at me and shook his head. "What if they mess me up?" I laughed "It'd be pretty funny," he playfully hit my arm as we walked in and saw a nice looking lady over by a salon chair.

"oh you must be the 4:30 appointment for...Will!" Will nodded quickly and she motioned for him to come over and sit down. Following her request, Will walked over and sat down looking at himself in the mirror as I sat in a chair behind.

"So what did you have in mind sir?" He started to panic and I couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

"Just like trimming?" She nodded with a smile "Is this your first time getting a hair cut?" He nodded before she took the scissors to his hair.

She nodded once again. "Who cut your hair for you then?" "My mom always has" "Why did you let it grow out so much if you don't mind me asking."

I could visibly see him gulp after she asked that question. "Well they don't let you cut your hair in prison and if they did cut your hair you'd be close to bald" The women then laughed which clearly surprised the both of us.

"I get so many people that are right out of prison and they practically give me their whole sentence in one sitting!" Me and Will smiled and eventually the two of them just talked as she cut away.

"Alright your all done!" Will looked up at himself and I could see the happiness on his face.

"Oh wow this is nice! Thank you!" She smiled and went to grab a broom. "Of course, I enjoyed talking to you!" I stood up and walked over to her.

"Here's the money" The Woman smiled and nodded. "It was nice meeting you Will, and thank you sir"

"Oh it was nice meeting you too!, What's your name?" "It's Chrissy!" We both smiled at her as we walked out.

Before we completely left I put a small tip in their tip jar at the front.

"My hair looks great!" I smiled "It does, but it's practically the same thing but a bit shorter."

"It doesn't matter I love it!" We got in the car and I began to drive home.

"So do you want to stay the night?" He turned to me while smirking, rolling his eyes.

"No duh Mike I haven't seen you in 10 years" I honestly kept forgetting I've been away from him for ten years.

"It doesn't feel like you've been gone" He nodded "Yea it doesn't" I smiled as we got back to the parking lot.

"I'm glad you didn't change Will" he smiled and leaned over the console cupping my cheek in his hand.

"I'm glad you don't hate me" I laughed before leaning over and kissing him.

We got home and when we got inside Angel and his dumb girlfriend Kylie were in the living room.

"Are they burglars Mike, I went to prison for 10 years I can probably kill them with my bare hands" Will said and I turned to him with a smirk.

"No killing will be needed, the guys my roommate and the other is his girlfriend" Will rose his brow as we walked in.

"Oh my God! It's your crazy ass boyfriend!" Angel said and I sighed. "This is Will, my boyfriend."

Kylie smiled and stood puttinh out her hand. "I'm Kylie! His girlfriend by the way."
I turned to her and gave her a nasty look.

Will smiled and shook her hand "well I'm Will, his boyfriend" Kylie gave me a half smile and then smiled at Will.

Angel stood up and leaned against me "your boyfriend is jacked" I rolled my eyes as I watched Will and Kylie talk.

"Is he gonna be staying here?" "It's only up to him" I didn't like that Kylie and Will were getting very buddy buddy but this is what Will did.

"Come on babe" I said to him, Will looked over and nodded "nice meeting you Kylie and nice meeting you too Angel."

Angel nodded with a smile and Kylie smiled too "nice meeting you!" I took his hand and went into my room and put him on the bed.

"You like Kylie?" Will nodded "she seems really nice" I rolled my eyes "she tried to seduce me."

Will scrunched his face up and then laughed pulling me into his chest.

"Your just too funny baby" Will said and I pulled up "I'm not joking" Will rose his brow "they're like 18 Mike there's no way."

"Apparently she's really into older guys" Will just stayed confused "but she's dating Angel?"

I sighed and leaned back into him "it's weird, but just trust me she did."

Will nodded and kissed my forehead "I believe you."

He ended up staying the night and it was great I believed that nothing bad would happen.

My happy ending as they'd call it.

Word Count:1082


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