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Mike's POV

That night was the best night ever.

I didn't think Will would still actually want to be my boyfriend or if he even liked me.

But here we were in my bed room making out. Something I've dreamed of for years now even before he went to jail.

He pulled away and smiled at me putting his hand to my cheek. "I love you" I smiled and brought him down softly and gave him a kiss "I love you more"

"I wish I wasn't away for so long i-I missed out on so much I even thought I wouldn't be able to connect with you properly" I sighed.

"Me neither everyone thought that would taken months for us to get comfortable with each other again but look at us" he giggled and laid down next to me.

"I never thought this would've happen to me. To us" I turned to him and admired his side profile ad he looked to my ceiling.

"You have the tiny glowing stars on your ceiling?" I looked up as the sun began to lower and the stars along my ceiling began to get brighter. "Yea I put them up cause they reminded me of you."

He grabbed my hand and brought it up placing a gentle kiss on the top.

"Your still as adorable as I remembered" I laughed "and so are you" "your not intimidated by my masculinity?" I sat up and got on top of him leaning down to his neck and beginning to kiss at it.

"Not at all, I think it just makes you look more sexy" he groaned a bit as I started to bite and nip at his neck.

"Your amazing" I moaned into his neck as his fingers ran through my hair.

"Thank you" he sighed.

"Do you wanna save this?" I pulled away from Will and looked him up and down as his eyes opened, looking into mine.

"What do you mean?" I smiled "I wanna know you more Will."

He looked confused I sighed and laid down next to him he pulled me into him and started playing with my hair.

"I've know you my whole life Mike what do you wanna wait for?" I began to get sad.

"I haven't seen you in 10 years I want every moment I have with you to take time I want it to be special" he turned to me and smiled.

"Ok, I want that too" I leaned up and kissed him and he kissed back and then we laid back down.

"Let's keep it simple I want all the time in the world to love you" his smile got bigger as he leaned up and kissed my forehead.

"Thank you Mike, your so perfect" I laughed "no I'm not" "yea you are, your amazing."

I hugged him tighter then he pulled away.

"My hair feels weird" Will said as he reached his hand up to feel it.

"You want me to cut it?" I asked as a joke and he chuckled "I want to get it cut" I smiled.

"we can go get it cut now if you like?" he sighed "I don't have money for it and neither do I have an appointment" "I'll pay and we'll set an appointment now" he shook his head "No I cant have you pay stuff for me" I laughed and cupped his cheek in my hand.

"I'm your boyfriend and besides think of it as a little treat for getting out of prison" he shook his head and grabbed my hand "fine but I'm going to pay you back as soon as I get a job.

I smiled at him and ran my hands through his long hair. "I wish you didn't have to cut it it's very nice like this" "I don't think so it's all in my face and messy" "I think you look adorable."

His face became a bright pink as I placed a kiss on his soft cheek. I couldn't be happier looking at his beautiful features nothing could be better then right now being with the love of my life.

I never thought I'd be able to kiss him again because after that night all those years ago I could only dream of kissing him.

"are you done staring love?" I giggled as his sentence pulled me out of my trances.

"yes I'm finished, now lets get this appointment set up before it's to late" I pulled out my phone and looked for a barber close by I barley remember the last time I went to the barber.

"alright done" I said after setting the time right now it was 4 p.m. and the appointment was for 4:30 "you hungry darling?" I got off my bed and stretched and he followed.

"yea but its not like you know how to cook" I rolled my eyes as he came behind me and put his arms around my waist. I blushed continuously forgetting that Will was now my boyfriend. 

I must've still had great charm given that he excepted to be my boyfriend in about an hour.

"Your appointment is at 4:30 so I'll cook for us and by then we can head out" we walked out of my room and into the kitchen Will walked around the island and to the fridge opening it then closing it.

"what do you even have to make" I looked through my cabinets and saw a box of spaghetti noodles. "spaghetti" he smirked at me "how romantic" I laughed as I pulled out the box and went to the fridge to grab sauce.

"ready to cook with the all amazing chef Michael Wheeler?" I asked jokingly he smiled and grabbed my hand kissing it and bowing slightly "very ready chef"

I smiled and we began cooking he started calling himself  'a master sue chef' I kept giggling every time he'd spill some sauce or drop a spoon he'd apologize for a minute straight. 

I kept seeing every single sign that prison didn't change Will at all. He was the same old Will just a million times prettier (not that he wasn't pretty before) and just as clumsy.

If I knew that this was the outcome of all the pain, tears, and sadness I'd do it all over again because I know that in the end Will is going to be mine.

I want it to stay like this forever me and Will against everything and everyone. This is what I wanted.

All I do is hope and pray that it stays perfect because I swear every beginning has a terrible ending.

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