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Mike's POV

I had took the time to finally write a short letter to Will, I knew he was in jail but I didn't know when he got out.

I never wanted to see him though not until he was out I couldn't bare to see him behind thoese bars.

But I did visit Lucas and he let it down on me.

"Man maybe if you confessed to Will sooner we wouldn't be in this mess" I sighed "I couldn't do it I thought he didn't like me" "Well he was in love with you" he ran his hand across his forehead.

"God damnit if we weren't high that night maybe we'd be somewhere, also the withdraw was crazy but hey maybe I'm clean" I smiled "yea uh you still don't like Will."

He laughed lowly "I despise him me and Max probably would've went to Jail for a year but we went for 10 all cause he wanted you to like him" I felt like crying but I held it in.

"Yea he had me fooled with the whole girl thing" Lucas smiled "yea I was surprised" Eventually I heard a buzz.

"Well that's time it was cool talking to you never excepted it was gonna be you I see" I smiled "yea bye" "oh wait before you go have you talked to him?"

I sighed "no" Lucas' smile faded "talk to him, just cause I don't really like him right now doesn't me I don't want him to get what he wants."

I nodded and walked out thinking about what he said, I should talk to him...I'll just send him a letter.

And that's why I gave a letter to Joyce to give to him when she visits but apparently she gave it to one of Wills friends, Jackie the one who did the prosthetics.

Apparently Will was getting out in a year I found that out when giving Joyce the letter.

Anyway enough about that, how about me.

When Will first went to jail I was heartbroken but then absolutely pissed at him for faking such a thing I was parallelized for crying out loud!

But then I got better and I was able to walk again and when I could I went to a college don't remember the name though cause i dropped out...

I did get a good job though and I was able to move out into a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate though, I couldn't pay the whole thing.

His name was Angel and he was the most annoying person in the world the only reason I let him stay is cause he could pay the rent.

"Dude rent is almost due you got the money" I asked while walking out of my room to the living room where he was making out with his girlfriend Kylie.

"Oh fuck dude come on!! I told you keep that in your room!" I turned away, in the corner of my eye I saw them get off each other.

"Oh sorry bro I thought you went to go see your boyfriend" I turned to him and shook my head. "I don't have a boyfriend."

He sighed "oh that's right he's in jail" I groaned "take you and your girlfriend to your room now and get rent ready tonight and he's not my boyfriend."

He sighed as they stood up and walked to his room Kylie went in as he stood in the doorway.

"Your not my dad alright, ill get you the rent but stay out of what me and my girlfriend are doing." I shook my head "be for real Angel, I don't give a damn about your relationship I just don't want it all over the house."

He scoffed "whatever it won't be" he walked in and closed the door I sighed while going into the living room and looking around for something but I accidentally bumped into the couch dropping something.

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