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Will's POV

We were all sitting in the living room talking and catching up. I was glad we were all talking and it felt like I didnt even know Jonathan at all he's changed so much.

"I thought you were gonna be a professional photographer?" He smiled at me "Nope decided to go a different path I guess" just then I heard the door.

My smile became brighter as I stood up.

"I'll get it!" My mom laughed as I walked over past the kitchen and to the front door.

I unlocked it and then pushed it open. Revealing Jane she looked really pretty. Her hair was much longer and her style definitely changed.

"Oh my goodness Will" she put her hands to her mouth I saw tears form in her eyes I smiled softly while pulling her into a hug.

"I missed you too" I said chuckling into her shoulder she pulled away and held my shoulder with her left and cupped my face in her right.

"Look at you your so tall and masculine and your hair..." I laughed "what about my hair?" "It's grown out its no longer that silly bowl cut mom used to give you."

My smile grew as I rolled my eyes. "Please it wasn't that bad" she smirked "yea keep telling yourself that" I smiled "I really did miss you though" her smile got softer as she pulled me back into a hug.

"I really missed you too" and after that we went inside everyone said hi to Jane and after that we continued talking with eachother.

"Damn I wonder if I still got my phone" my Mom smiled "I wondered when you'd ask for it you know when your car got crashed your phone was left inside."

She handed me my phone from her bag "I charged it a bit before you got out" I smiled and held it "it's so weird holding and seeing my phone again."

"Obviously it's been 10 years since you've seen the damn thing" Hopper laughed I rolled my eyes and looked through almost thousands of notifications.

"Uh there is a lot of texts from Mike, he texted your phone as a coping mechanism" Jane said while looking over my shoulder.

While being here with my family I had completely forgotten about seeing Mike again.

"Oh, I feel terrible for doing what I did to him and you guys" I heard my Mom sigh.

"It's ok honey as long as your still here with us it doesn't matter besides Mike didn't even stay mad at you for longer then a day"

I smiled "has he changed?" Jane laughed "Nope not really he's the exact same just a little more gloomy, he's missed you a lot."

I smiled softly and then I went to my contacts and looked for Max's phone number I wonder if she still had the same one.

"When are we gonna go see Max and Lucas?" "Uh we could go see them now if you'd like honey?" I smiled "yea! Let's go"

"Will's leaving mama?" I heard Lilianna say quietly I smiled and went over to her picking her up.

"Don't worry I'll come vist you all the time now that I'm out" she smiled and hugged around my neck.

"Bye bye Will" I smiled "Bye bye Lily" I set her down and said goodbye to everyone else now it was just me, my mom, and Jane.

"Alright they should be at Jackie's house they gotta get back on there feet since they lost a lot there staying there for now."

I sighed and nodded as we got in the car and started to drive off. I felt like everything that happen was my fault. All because I wanted to be a girl so Mike could like me. When he already did.

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