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Will's POV

And so we got taken to jail and court and soon enough we were all sentenced to 10 years in prison (technically they should probably be in jail for life but like they'll be old af when they get out so no)

And right before I got sentenced I was able to talked to Mom, Hopper, Jane, and Jonathan.

"Why in the world would you do this baby!?" My mom said from across the table as I sat with my head down in shame.

"I did it for Mike" I looked up and my Mom just looked shocked "honey you should be in jail for the rest of your life your lucky your only in here for 10" "possibly 5 with good behavior." Jonathan said while sighing.

"So you did all that shit you fake killed yourself then you tried to become a girl just so Mike could like you?" I nodded when Jane finished.

She grabbed my hand "Will your in jail now for all that and we were all so very heartbroken when we thought you died!?"

"I know and I'm so sorry but in the moment I wanted Mike so bad, I did it" Jane sighed "the night that happened Mike was coming to the house to confess to you..."

I felt tears start to form in my eyes I ruined everything I ruined my whole fucking life and for what.

"He's also mad at you" I sighed "yea I bet" "the night you busted into the house kissing him and whatever he confessed to you but right after you were taken he started freaking out cause now he's parlized and God knows for how long."

The tears finally fell from my eyes as my Mom grabbed my other hand "I love you honey and the second you get out we'll be waiting" I looked up and gave a very small half smile.

"We love you" Hopper finally spoke a word this entire meet I smiled as the bell rang meaning time was up.

A guard stood and took me away I looked back to them as they were excited out I began to cry as I was thrown into my cell.

10 years of my life now down the drain and Mike hates me.

What have I done...

5 years Later☆

I was now 23 years old I definitely have matured over my time in prison.

My family regularly met me Jonathan had started his own life with Nancy he apparently was having a kid.

Jane told me she graduated and that she was at an ivy league college I was so proud of her for it.

Mom had finally gotten a better job to help Jane pay for it and everything. My mom would always tell me that my room was still entirely the same and that the second I get out I can stay with her for as long as I like.

She even told me she spoke to Max, Max was in a different prison, an all women's one she said Max isn't mad at me and that she still loves me.

Lucas however was unbelievably mad at me he just couldn't believe I didn't stop the whole thing when we found out Max was a suspect.

I could understand though I'm mad at myself too.

And as for Mike... he started to walk again and I practically jumped out of my seat when Mom told me the news.

Yet he still hasn't came to visit me.

I could understand, he's probably moved on with his life, he's probably forgotten all about me.

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