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Elaborate lanterns replaced the usual wax candles on the ceiling of the Great Hall. The huge spider unleashed at breakfast by James and Sirius in honor of their favorite holiday was finally captured and shrunk. Detentions were scheduled every weekend up until winter holidays, although neither boy really cared.

Lily's attempt of scolding James failed miserably. Despite her many efforts to make him realize that detention due to the spider chaos was unwise and would likely go in Filch's permanent records, nothing seemed to sway him.

"Babe, everyone loves a bad boy," James attempted to flirt with his hand raking through his already-messy-enough hair.

Lily shot this advance down with both a scowl and a shove that resulted in the determined boy falling down off the bench.

James ignored Sirius's loud laughter as he climbed back on his seat, which was now noticeably closer to Lily's, "Guess you could say that was me falling for you."

"Just give it up, mate," Peter guffawed as he greedily grabbed yet another sandwich from the heaps of food on silver dishes.

"Only death will part me from my attempts to woo my dear Lily flower!"

At that moment, when his 'dear Lily flower' pointed her wand towards James, Freya actually feared what would happen next between the rambunctious male and the annoyed redhead. The blonde was relieved to see that beneath Lily's annoyed disposition, she actually looked quite amused.

"Silencio," she muttered in a monotone voice before casually returning to the ham that sat on her plate. "I have plenty of other ways of shutting you up, but if death really is your wish — just try me."

Dumbledore even seemed slightly disturbed by the prank. Normally, he would delicately scold the two and agree with their detentions, but something about this prank in particular set him on edge. Apparently, years ago a frightening event involving a spider and Hagrid had occurred, but when they questioned the gamekeeper, the giant man acted utterly clueless.

The feast that evening was divine, and Freya ate without worry. Try to impress Sirius all she want, but a boy effecting her meals would not happen. After a second helping of pie, Marlene and Freya walked together back to the common room with full stomachs. It was nice to catch up with Marlene, as Freya usually preferred to spend her time with either Lily or Remus.

After a shower that same evening, Freya went downstairs to the common room in hopes of finding Remus. She spotted him curled up comfortably in his favorite chair beside the fire; his potions essay lay abandoned next to Peter, who periodically glanced at it before scribbling something down on his own parchment sneakily.

The soft knitted wool felt familiar in her hands as she tugged Remus's sleeve in order to get his attention. It almost made her wish that she had her favorite cream sweater on as well, but instantly thought otherwise when she saw Sirius laughing from the other side of the room beside a frazzled Lily.

"Remus," Freya whispered into his ear. Goosebumps raised on the back of his neck, but she didn't notice due to the poor lighting.

He opened one eye from where he sat with arms propped behind his head and feet crossed on the table. He sighed before focusing his attention on her, "Yes?"

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