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The Great Hall was crowded with excited students that morning, all sporting red or blue clothing, the division quite obvious. Slytherins understandably turned to Ravenclaw's side, but the Hufflepuff students' loyalties were divided.

If she was honest to herself, Freya would admit that she was quite proud of James. All morning he had wanted to boast the chances of Gryffindor winning to Lily, but with a refrained disposition, he stopped the bragging from slipping through his lips. It was quite amusing to watch him swallow down the words everytime he neared Lily, wanting nothing more than to impress her. The blonde soon realized that he truly was trying.

As soon as Lily left the table to help Mary with their traditional banner, the words erupted from his mouth as if they were held in a shaken soda can that so desperately needed to overflow.

"There's no way Ravenclaw is going to win today. We've been over it a thousand and one times. Perfect plan. Plus, the seeker is quick but a bit thick, it'll take him forever to actually find the bloody snitch. Marlene will definitely, no doubt, find it before him," he talked on and on, the only one actually listening with interest, and slight jealousy, was Sirius.

James seemed to notice this, "Stop looking at me like that. The only reason you aren't on the team this year is because your 'unsportsmanlike conduct' according to McGonagall. There's definitely, I assure you, next year."

The last statement seemed to wipe the annoyance off Sirius's face in an instant and replace it with one of joy as he listened to his best friend continue to reveal the lengthy strategy to beat Ravenclaw.

"Potter," Lily called from across the hall, hands on her hips, "Don't you think you should be with the rest of your team?"

Her words seemed to dawn on James, coming to the realization that he was the only member of the Gryffindor Quidditch team left in the Great Hall. With a groan he grabbed one last breakfast roll and hopped off the seat, ready to dash through the hall, but suddenly coming to a halt. He turned back to them with a large grin, "Next time you see me, I'll be holding the cup."

With a thumbs up and a couple of cheers, he ran out of the room, bumping into at least seven students on the way.

"Guess we could go ahead and walk there as well," Remus spoke after a few moments passed from where he had silently been listening from Freya's right. The group nodded in agreement, not having much else to do since the match started in only half an hour.

So they went, Sirius and Remus taking the lead with Peter trailing close behind, attempting to shove himself inside the conversation. Freya trailed a few steps behind with Mary, levitating the giant banner that Lily was having a hard time carrying.

The stands were not full yet, so specks of red and blue dotted the seats instead of the familiar wave of color everywhere.

"Third row?" questioned Mary, squinting her eyes through the harsh sun and examining the open areas. Sirius, of course, had an alternative place to sit. After awhile everyone begrudgingly gave into his complaints and antics, agreeing to follow him to his chosen set of seats with rolled eyes and scoffs.

All negative attitudes were soon faded as the stands filled and the players dashed into the field with brooms in hand. Cheers erupted louder than anyone else from the group of friends as Marlene and James walked into view.

The whistle was blown and in a flash, the players of both teams in divided colors rose to the air, immediately and rather aggressively beginning the match.

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