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a/n: lol you're either going to hate or love Freya by the end of this shitty chapter.

The small vial seemed to gleam tauntingly down on them from between Professor Slughorn's pudgy thumb and index finger. Upon hearing what the potion did that sat between the surrounding of glass withholding it, she, along with the rest of her peers, immediately grasped onto Slughorn's every word.

"Now," he paused, obviously enjoying every second of attention he was receiving, "This vial holds precisely three hours worth of Felix Felicis, as I mentioned it earlier to be otherwise known as liquid luck, and it will be rewarded to whichever one of you can produce a successful brewery of Draught of Living Death, the key word being successful."

Freya found herself longing for the small drops of liquid prize. Although the chances of her actually recovering it were small, between Lily and Severus, but she developed a halfway decent concoction.

Her mixing spoon swept through the smooth liquid twice clockwise, just as the instructions read, and she was just about to add the sloth brain when Severus Snape announced his potion to be finished.

Sure enough, two minutes later, the entire class stood around the table as the Slytherin boy was allowed access to the vial of pure luck. Freya forced her hands to join once together in a pitiful excuse for a clap before packing her things with a scowl across her face.

The class was soon dismissed and on the way out, a snide comment directed by Sirius sounded from behind Remus, "Hey, Snivellus, gonna use the potion while showering tonight? Any hopes of ridding yourself of your greasiness?"

When Remus turned he was surprised to see the quiet, dark haired boy standing relatively close behind him. Their eyes connected for just a moments time and Remus knew the boy wanted something.

It was hard, but he managed to shake off Peter who insisted on explaining the newest addition to chocolate frog cards' to him, and soon found himself alone with the exception of one other in the abandoned hallway of the castle.

"I'll make this quick," stated Severus as his hand reached into his cloak pocket. Remus subconsciously tightened his grip around his wand, which the other boy noticed and responded with a quick look before pulling the vial of Felix Felicis from within the cloth. Something else was clamped between his hand as if his life depended on it — a small, carefully folded sheet of spotless white parchment.

"I will give you this," he held the tiny bottle into the light as if she could not realize it's true powers if he did not, "If you, in return, deliver this letter to Lily."

"Why don't you just drink the —" Remus bit his lip painfully to stop the spill of words, why would he give him ideas when he was about to give him what he longed for?

"Why don't I just drink the potion and deliver the letter to Lily myself? I've tried. I brewed it over summer, didn't work a bit. She still told me to piss off."

His fingers ran through his messy hair before one hand outstretched to take both the letter and vial, but Severus yanked the fingers holding the potion away quickly.

"Fine," Remus hissed while snatching the letter and sliding it into his cloak pocket, "How do I know I can trust you? For all I know, you won't give the potion to me after I deliver this."

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