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Two alike situations took place in two different rooms of the Gryffindor tower. In a certain boy's dormitory, James went on and on about how unreal the date had been. How Lily's hair had the same scent as wild flowers, how she miraculously didn't yell at him the entire time, and how she merely winked at his proposition for a follow up. In one of the girl's dormitories, the four roommates sat in a misshaped circle on top of Mary's bed where they prodded Lily for more information, which naturally she divulged.

That was the only difference. Whereas Freya instructed Lily to tell every single detail of the date, Sirius advised James to sod off. It was nearing one am, Quidditch practice was to cause an earlier awakening that same morning, and James still had not shut up.

Eventually the light in their dormitory was turned off by Marlene, and three of the girls that lived inside dozed off into a quiet slumber, but no such thing was able to be bestowed upon Freya's tired body. Her thoughts buzzed and fluttered about like escaped fireflies in her mind which acted as a withholding cage. Though she was not asleep to have the dream, it was one of the only things on her mind.

When the petite clock on their wall read 1:50 am, Freya finally slid out from her cotton covers and stepped onto the polished wooden floor below her bed. The wood planks were almost chilly at first touch. It nipped at her toes and dotted her legs with barely visible goosebumps. A pair of socks were snatched from her opened trunk, and she slid them wordlessly onto her freezing feet before making an exit. Her pathway dodged the familiar creaky planks of the dormitory on her way.

She was not headed to the Common Room to sleep on the couch with the other students unable to catch their rest, but instead she crept to the arms of Remus. However, it surprised her to see the light shining out from the crack between floor and the Marauder's door. A charm cast over the room protected the ruckus inside from disturbing the other Gryffindors.

It was typical for the four boys to stay up late into the night, for more than just the occasion of the full moon. The darkness was a time of pranking Filch from the protection of the invisibility cloak, though as the years passed it could not shelter all of them. It just somewhat surprised her to see them awake so early in the morning of a day full of serious Quidditch practice.

Freya twisted the brass knob and pushed the door slightly ajar in order for her to fit through the opening. The earful of conversation was what first met her senses before the sight of her idiotic friends in front of her caused a smile to push onto her cheeks. Sirius stood over James, a pillow beating his best friend over and over, but the bespectacled boy proceeded to talk about how marvelous the date with Lily had been.

Her eyes wandered to Remus, who was buried underneath a pile of blankets that Peter seemed to be making a fort out of.

"Is Prongs calling for a war, Padfoot?" Peter called from the fort.

The blonde took this as an opportunity to slide fully into the room and perch behind Remus's bed, her face tilted to rest on the back of her hand as she watched the ongoing situation.

"I believe he is."

Freya was suddenly extremely grateful for the silencing charm that protected the room.

The dramatics continued as Peter stood, "How dare you, Prongs. How dare you deprive your fellow Marauders of their beauty sleep in order to talk about a fair maiden? What honor is this? Of all —"

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