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The gleaming red train, releasing smoke into the atmosphere that seemed to carry thousands of memories from Hogwarts with it pulled up into the platform. A sharp tug was applied to her lip by her teeth as she sank it down further into the lipstick covered flesh, thoughts about her decreasing time at the school that had grown to become one of her favorite places in the world filled her mind.

Surprisingly, no one interrupted these thoughts. In fact, it was the silence that fell upon her left ear that caught her attention. The babbling redhead had finally stopped the story of her summer plans and instead was sending a heated glare in the direction of James. The bespectacled boy stood quite far away, so many paces that she could not see the whites of his eyes. However, this obviously did not stop the pouted scowl painted onto Lily's pink lips.

The few days after the Quidditch match were similar to this. Freya was forced between picking her boyfriend's company who sat by the rest of the marauders at dinner, or accompanying Lily who sat with her fellow roommates as far away from James as possible. Her time was divided - breakfast with Remus, dinner with Lily.

Although he hadn't really done anything, he hadn't apologized either. She assumed that if he did, Lily would forget all about it with a shrug of the shoulders, but pride was a powerful thing indeed. It was the only feeling that stopped James from admitting his wrongs.

So there she stood, raising her eyebrows at Remus and sending him a small smile, but not walking to his side. If she left, Lily would not follow, and she would never hear the end of it.

"Let's go find a compartment," Her friend grabbed Freya's wrist. Her body was tugged through the now open train door, pausing only momentarily for a small boy in front of them with a rather large suitcase.

They found one eventually, and a rather uncrowded one at that. Marlene and Mary eventually slid through the door as well, joining them with smiles and armfuls of assorted sweets.

She leaned her head against the window and wondered what summer would bring. Having passed her apparition testing, she could technically now arrive anywhere she wanted to with ease, followed by a slight stomach ache. Unfortunately, she knew the idea of whipping her wand about and disappearing from her parents' home in front of their eyes would not be the best way to start the holiday, so she would keep magic to a minimum.

It was odd how time seemed to drag by at moments, but when you look back at it you wish you could relive those certain moments. With the blink of a crystal blue eye, a painted picture of herself wearing the sorting hat seemed to appear in her mind. The rugged clothing item yelling, "GRYFFINDOR," before it was pulled away in a matter of seconds from the short blonde hair that covered her head.

The first time she met Remus seemed to sweep through her mind with a bit of a cliche effect, but she replayed it nonetheless.

It was her third night at Hogwarts, the amount of food on the table still shocked both her and the redhead girl beside her. Never had she seen such an abundant supply of food, even at the Christmas dinners her grandmother held when she was younger.

A bowl of chocolate candies caught her eye, three left at the bottom of the surprisingly empty container. Being only eleven and not concerned with courtesy when it came to sweets, she grabbed all three with her small fingers.

"Hey!" A voice protested, she looked up with wide eyes and dropped one of the candies onto the ground, a faint blush spreading across her cheeks.

She was met with the stormy grey eyes of the younger Sirius Black. His jaw was less defined and his cheeks were rounder then they were now. The same messy pile of hair was surrounding his face, and the exact playful gleam of the eye was present.

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