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Her goodbye to Remus had been fairly rushed, seeing as it only gave her enough time to embrace him in a tight hug and grant a small peck on the cheek before her mother practically yelled at her to hurry up. Disapproval shadowed across the woman's face at the idea of her only daughter being in a relationship with someone that shared her gift of magic. The prospect of marrying a normal person, a muggle, had been her parents' top plan to successfully guide their daughter back to a nonmagical life.

If only they could understand there was no way she would ever drop magic as if it were horseback riding or football. It wasn't a hobby, it was a gift. Not the kind that you could return to the store if it didn't fit or if it wasn't the right color. This gift pumped in her very veins, radiated through her blood, and effortlessly out her wand.

No matter how much they disliked the whole Wizarding World, they could never find a flaw in Lily Evans. From the time in second year that the redhead had raced after the family on the platform to see if she could spend part of summer at her home, they adored her. She was relieved that she would, at least, be able to visit Lily without starting a giant argument.

Technically she could do whatever she pleased now that she was seventeen, but the idea of her parents kicking her out and possibly ruining the pitiful relationship they maintained that sat on the edge of a thin thread, ready to snap, did not particularly appeal to her.

The third week of summer holiday passed without an argument, before the mention of a muggle career began a heated discussion.

Her fingers pushed a stray hair behind her ear as she cleared her throat that morning over breakfast, silently preparing herself for her announcement.

"I'd like to discuss my career in the, well the magical world with both of you," she stated, eyes flickering between her parents that had frozen what they were doing momentarily before resuming as if nothing had happened.

"Didn't realize there were magical jobs, did you honey?" Her father commented nonchalantly to his wife as if she was an ad in the newspaper that could not hear him but was just there to be remarked on, gossiped about, laughed at, then tossed aside.

"There are," Freya interrupted the sour reply she knew would come from her mum, "Hundreds, actually. Although, two particularly stand out for me. A hit wizard, they arrest extremely dangerous wizards, or a matron. The latter mainly so I could stay at Hogwarts."

"Sounds a bit like a joke to me. Honestly, how many dangerous wizards could there be? Couldn't you just flap your wand and make them disappear? Not challenging if you ask me," the words escaped the woman's pursed lips in a thoughtful manner as she buttered the piece of toast remained uneaten on her plate.

A strong urge to yell of the darkness that was unknowingly sweeping across her world formed in her brain, but she held back every desire to utter any thought about the death eaters, the Order of the Phoenix, or anything in further relation to the foul Lord Voldemort.

Unable to calm herself, Freya's free fist that was not clutched tightly around her eating utensil was slammed against the table.

"Well Mum, the good thing is that I don't need your permission. I'm seventeen, which means I'm perfectly grown in the Wizarding World that you despise so much. I could leave right now if I wanted to —"

Her father's face grew redder as her mother gaped at the girl with disbelief.

"— I just thought that maybe when I finally did, it would be peacefully, but I see now that there isn't much of a chance. In fact, I think I'll go stay with Lily for awhile."

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