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The news of Remus and Freya's newly discovered relationship seemed to spread around the school as quick as wildfire, lacing its way around the corridors and into the common rooms. Nobody usually caused a fuss when someone became involved with another person, but it was more of the fact that the two had been such close friends since second year that shocked people.

Although no one was more surprised than the pair themselves, their group of friends all expressed their shock in different ways. Lily wore a grin that didn't fade for days; Sirius refused to talk to the two, upset that he hadn't been informed earlier, but eventually forgot all about it by dinner; Peter clapped Remus on the back four times before returning to his slice of pie; Marlene squealed for almost an hour; and Mary earned ten sickles from a fifth year Ravenclaw that bet against the relationship ever happening.

The only reaction to the news that was somewhat annoying was performed by James. His curious questions never seemed to stop being asked.

"Can you give me pointers?" The bespectacled boy asked in more of a begging nature than a question one. It occurred on a sunny afternoon in the crowded corridor route they took to return to the common room.

Remus turned his gaze to his friend who was walking on the right side of Freya, "On what?"

"On how you got the girl, let's face it, mate. You chased Freya for years. I figure if you can get the girl of your dreams then I can most definitely get Lily —"

A pink tint flushed across the sweater wearing boy's cheeks in embarrassment, but Freya only smiled as she tightened her grip on his hand.

"I'll give you a hint, James," she spoke with a raised brow, "Perhaps if you deflate your massive ego for two seconds of your self absorbed life, maybe she'd actually agree on going on a date with you."

"Harsh, Frey," He responded, running his free hand through his hair in an attempt to make it look even messier. "And anyway, I was asking Remus."

The boy inwardly groaned, "I agree with Freya."

James crossed his arms, almost bumping into a small Slytherin boy seeing as his scrutinizing gaze was focused on the couple rather than the objects in front of him. "You're only saying that because you're whi—"

"I'm saying it because it's true. Lily doesn't like you when you boast about your achievements and try to impress her by bringing others down. Be yourself, stop trying so hard," he said with a reasonable tone, but actually wanting to pound the words into his friend's brain.

He grew silent, contemplating both the advice he had just been given and the certain redhead that normally captivated his thoughts. He'd tried his ways for the past few years, why not give this a chance?

"And you're certain this will work?"

Her teeth sunk down harshly onto her bottom lip as she exchanged a sympathetic and rather doubtful glance with Remus. Sure, they both thought Lily and James would be a perfect and well-balanced couple, and although their imaginations were vivid — imagining the fiery haired girl falling for the boy who had been chasing her hopelessly was unimaginable after seeing it fail year after year.

However, as Remus looked sideways and saw the beautiful blonde that was connected to him by both the heart and hand, he realized he had no reason to doubt James. He'd caught his dream, and once you grasped hold of something as celestial as that, you're sure to never let go. And it was at that moment that Remus decided he would help James win Lily over.

"I think it's worth a shot."

"I can help if you'd like," a smooth voice rung from behind them out of nowhere, revealing to be none other than Regulus Black once they had turned his way.

James scoffed before grabbing his friends by the shoulders, "Like hell you will, c'mon lets get back to the common room."

"You'll need all the help you can get. Possibly a bloody miracle," the blonde girl directed the last bit in a mumble as she titled her head to the side and studied Sirius's brother, "What do you suggest?"

From up close she noticed far more things about the boy. His build was smaller than that of his brother, and he had a more mature aura radiating from him than the playful one Sirius boasted. The siblings were both similarly handsome, which seemed to run in the Black genes.

"No way," James whispered lowly to his two friends, turning his head so Regulus could not see the moving of his lips but occasionally sending a glare to the younger boy as if he were a proclaimed enemy, "Before Sirius left their house, he told me that he posters of dark arts in his room. Posters. If that doesn't suggest he's a creepy bloke, then I don't know what else does."

She turned her blue eyes to Remus for help, but the boy shook his head as well, "Remember the corridor incident? He did nothing to stop his friends."

"It's hard to tell friends no sometimes," she reasoned.

"It's really not, you're my friend, and I'm telling you now — no. I've been trying to win Lily over for years, but I'm not going behind my best mate's back to do it."

A quiet laugh escaped the silent boy's lips from where he stood a few paces away, he smiled politely when they turned to him. "Sorry, I can hear everything you're saying."

Freya sighed in frustration, sending an apologetic glance his way, but allowing her eyes to linger on him for a few moments. She had a knack for reading people, and as she grazed her eyes over the tired lines sketching his face and the unhopeful feeling that had buried itself far in the midst of his own eyes, almost completely hidden, she realized there was more to Regulus than what met the eye from a distance's glance. He had always been the pureblood supremacy believing, spoiled little brother of Sirius — but now she saw he wasn't truly.

"Are you okay?" She genuinely questioned, sliding her hand away from where it was clamped together with the palm of Remus to step slightly forward.

For one slight moment, she thought he would allow his walls to open slightly, granting access for her to help, but she realized how unrealistic the thought was as the wall only grew both thicker and taller, his facial expression hardening.

"Fine," he mumbled, hiding his face and dashing quickly down the corridor.


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