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A single suitcase was gripped in her hand, thanks to Peter of all people, who taught her how to use a spell that made everything fit in a single bag. The boy himself had used this on several occasions, particularly events that involved packing a snack, or many snacks, as the group of friends were always swiping food from him.

She was nervous. Her gut tightened and she felt as if she'd cry at the sight of the sleek, scarlet train. The final year had arrived, only to be followed by whatever the future would bring. There would be no regular return — or any return at all if the path she chose deemed it unnecessary — to her favorite place in the world, and she did not fully know how to comprehend that. It would probably hit her eventually, as she had seen numerous seventh years suddenly go into a shock that involved melancholy goodbyes throughout her time at Hogwarts.

Freya had not seen Remus, or any of her other friends since Fleamont Potter's funeral. She had written quite frequently to them all, and they had returned her notes written on folded parchment with ones of equal length, though the replies from James were naturally and understandably both short and bitter.

It didn't surprise anyone that Lily was not seen on the platform, and she assumed her fiery haired friend was already consumed in some sort of Head Girl duty. She momentarily hoped that she could get both James and Lily in the cabin for just a few minutes, only to tell them of her yet to be planned meeting with Dumbledore in which she would, hopefully, discuss the Order of the Phoenix. Though it would be an uncomfortable topic for James, he still deserved to know of the idea.

She stepped onto the train, taking each slow, careful step as if she wanted to remember. Freya had always been a very sentimental person, which explained the pile of letters dating back to her first year that were stewed underneath her bed in a large, tattered cardboard box.

Her thoughts soon faded as a calloused hand wrapped around her wrist and delicately pulled her into a cabin. Freya immediately brought her wand out from her jacket, but the familiar stormy grey eyes of Sirius Black stopped her instantly. "No need for that at the moment, love."

The blonde's body was then fully tugged into the compartment, which allowed the door to slide to a close. She then met the eyes of several of her friends. Marlene instantly stood from her seat and wrapped Freya in a breath tightening hug. When the girl's grip faded, she was immediately enclosed in the arms of another.


She did not see him, but the feeling she was accustomed to filled her. The pleasant scent of coffee and linen wafted through her senses as she buried her cheek into his warm, scarred chest.

"I missed you," Remus whispered in her ear as his breath tickled the side of her cheek and caused a couple strands of blonde hair to fly upwards.

Freya turned in his arms so she could snake her own around his neck, "It's great to see you . . . How's James?"

A cough filled the compartment as Peter awkwardly shifted in his seat, he gave a welcoming smile to Freya before nodding his head in the general direction of the figure beside Marlene. It was James, who shrugged before speaking, "I'm fine."

She nodded briskly before turning back to Remus. At that moment, her lips craved two things. Remus and a cigarette. As she did not feel like hearing complaints about displaying her affection, she parted her lips to ask Sirius for a cigarette, as the pocket of her own jeans were barren.

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