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M I S T A K E S (1)

Thunder clapped so loudly that it shook the windows of the hallway and masked over the steady sound of their footsteps. Freya shifted her books in her hands as she walked into the library, immediately pacing towards the round table where Remus sat alone awaiting her.

He did not look up as she pulled a chair back and sat next to him as he was completely enticed in his novel. She bent down lowly, chin almost touching the table in an attempt to read the words typed in a curly, gold font when his eyes suddenly parted from the page and connected with her's.

"Interesting?" She questioned, pulling her homework that had been tucked in the front of her textbook towards her and skimming her eyes over the first few sentences for grammatical errors.

"Very," he responded shutting the book and examining the nearest shelf, as if he could read the imprinted titles on the edges of the books from that far away.

Freya leaned slightly sideways over the edge of the chair and towards her satchel, hair falling in her face as she brushed her fingers inside the bag in search of her quill. When she finally clasped hold of it and turned back towards the table, she noticed the somewhat distant look on Remus's face.

"I wish you would tell me what happened," she whispered, his head snapped towards her as if she had read his mind.

He seemed to almost give in before shaking his head, "It would only make matters worse."

She reached across the table, palm resting on top of his hand that had begun to reach back towards the book from earlier. He took advantage of the moment and wrapped his hand around her's, bringing his chocolate eyes up to meet her blue ones.


"Alright," he stated in frustration after a minute's hesitation, freeing her hand as he sat back, "Alright, but you can't do anything stupid."

"No promises."

He sent her an agitated look before proceeding, "Remember the night that we suddenly stopped talking to Sirius?"


Rain fell in drops from the overcast and greying sky and stuck onto the outside of the window in the warm common room. Students piled themselves by threes onto the plush seats in order to make space for everyone since there wasn't much else to do on a rainy day. Low conversations buzzed surprisingly softly from each area of the circular room, only to be broken by the occasional roar of a sore-loser once a game of Wizard's Chess was brought to an end.

Two of the marauders — Peter and James — sat hunched over on a nearby couch, probably discussing some plan that involved trouble. The outcast member of their group maintained a somewhat civil conversation with Lily.

It was then that the peacefulness in the room was broken.

"SIRIUS BLACK!" Freya boomed as she slid through the portrait opening and into the scene. Remus quickly rushed behind her with his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose in obvious frustration.

The redhead turned away from Sirius and sent them a glare, obviously not wanting to use her prefect abilities to scold her friends. Freya ignored this and simply advanced, pushing easily by Lily and alarmingly close to the boy.

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