Chapter 6

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Multiple heads turned as the voice of an agitated Jean could be heard,

"She is sleeping in, AGAIN!" He was jumping up and down on her head this time while Hanji sat on the sleeping titan's shoulder yawning.

"Leave her be." Levi said, drinking some tea while eating left overs from yesterday. Hanji could be heard giggling shortly after his command, Levi just sighed at her childish behaviour, since she was clearly hinting at the so called "crush" the titan had on him.

Everyone continued packing up camp and eating the left overs as they waited for the female titan to arise.

It was already noon and the female titan was yet to make any movement. There were titans standing at the edge of their invisible barrier since dawn, just staring at them. Some moved around, while others just sat still. It naturally made the scouts uneasy.

Out of the blue, a titan made a B-line towards them, running extremely fast. Terrified shrieks were heard from some scouts while other armed themselves.

"Shit," Erwin said,

"Ready yourselves to attack!" Levi commanded, looking at the few who were ready to make attack,

"Now!" He shouted and they charged towards it, Levi was first to get there while others trailed behind, he immediately made a cut the titan's left arm using his famous spinning technique, while Mikasa tried slicing the titan's nape. However she was too slow, they had somehow under estimated the titan's speed. It back-handed Mikasa right out of the sky, Armin and Eren ran to her aid immediately. This, briefly distracted Levi causing him to let his guard down. The titan grabbed him and wrapped its hand around his torso. This made many members of the scout regiment gasp and scream.

"Levi" Erwin shouted while attacking the titan's calves bringing it to it's knees, but this closed the distance between it and the few scouts attacking it. One by one he squatted them out of the sky, like flies. It started squeezing Levi harder, causing him to moan in pain. Others who weren't tending to the wounds of the people who were already wounded, tried to attack as well but ended up being swatted as well. Throughout the entire time it made sounds that almost sounded like giggling.

It stared down and Levi, whose eyes were closed from the pain.

"Heheheheheh-" the sound abruptly stopped. Levi felt it loosen its grip slowly and then started to fall, causing him even more pain. He couldn't used maneuver gear, as it broke due to being crushed. As he closed his eyes to await his death, he felt something soft enclose him.

He then opened his eyes and stared into the forest green eyes of his saviour. The female titan, stared at him in her hand while sitting on her knees. Concern dancing in her eyes.

"Pssh, just in time, monster," trying to sound pissed, but the sweat dripping down his shaking form and the relief in his eyes gave him away. He looked around to see, if any of his regiment could see him, but they were blocked by the fingers of her cupped hand. What he could see tho, was the titan that had attacked him...

Laying on the ground...


"You d-do that, monster?" He asked through his shaking. Her head dipped a little almost as if nodding to confirm his thoughts, he gasped in shock at the thought that she could understand what he asked. He regretted it caused pain to wreak through his body, his rib cage was definitely broken in a few places. The titan winced at the sight of his pained expression, tears forming in her eyes. She looked at Hanji who had climbed up her leg and was now walking up her forearm towards her hand in which she held an injured Levi, who was staring at her in shock.

Tears from a titan?

"I guess at this p-point I shouldn't be surprised that you are c-capable of crying. Ey, monster?" He said, breathing very shallow due to the pain. He continued to look at the titan through his hooded eyes. Hanji finally made her way to him and started to examine him,

"He broke his ulna, in his left arm, his right hand and three ribs on both sides of his rib cage. His maneuver gear seemed to have bruised and cut his legs in multiple places. I must say Levi, I'm surprised you have passed out from all the pain" she said, with a hand on her chin. She then tore off strips of her shirt to tie him in areas to prevent further breakage or movement.

"Your such good patient for keeping so still whil-" she then noticed that Levi was unconscious, this caused the female titan, who had been focused on what Hanji was doing, to realize it too. The titan immediately let out a pained shriek, tears started flowing freely from her eyes.

"HE IS NOT DEAD, JUST SLEEPING!!!" Hanji shouted trying to calm the crying titan. It seemed to working because her screams seemed to simmer down into whimpers, while tears still fell freely. The titan looked down at the broken Levi, with sorrow in her eyes, while Hanji got off her and went to inform them of Levi's condition.

"Alright, looks like I'm in charge while Levi is unconscious," Erwin said
"We will have to set up camp again and stay for the night. I need all the wounded people to share a tent with someone capable of tending to their wounds" he commanded. The female titan's structure visibly became tense.

"Come on princess, we promise we will look after him" Hanji said rubbing the female titan's knee to comfort her, but she was ignored. Hanji then put her hands on her hips,

"If you don't let Levi come down here, he will die" she scolded, almost the same way a mother scolds her child. The titan sighed and brought her hand down, while laying down so that she could be eye-level with her hand.

"Alright, someone help me get Levi, off her hand" Hanji said moving closer. However, the titan immediately frowned and lifted her hand off the ground.

"Oh, I see you want him to stay in your hand?" Hanji asked, as if the titan would reply. She just stared back in return.

"Very well, have your way. You must let people come give him water and wash him, okay?" Hanji informed her. To which -as always- had no reply.

Night soon came and they lit their fires, while the titan did not move to make herself comfortable.


Levi woke up in the middle of the night to find a blanket draped over him and a pair of green eyes staring at him.

"Why are you not sleeping, monster?" He asked gruffly. His question was replied by a stare.

"Are you even awake, or sleeping with your eyes open?" He asked. To reply to his question, she blinked.

"I see, you can move at night?" He asked. She dipped her head the same way she did before.

"Why am I not surprised?" He said with a little amusement in his voice.

"Listen close and don't expect me to ever say this again, because Hanji would never let me outlive this." He said looking around to see if any was nearby or close enough to hear him. There were a few people tending to the fires while most were asleep. He then said in a much quiet and genuine voice.

"Thank you for saving me, monster"

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