Chapter 3

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As night began to fall the female titan's breathing began to even out and her eyes began to gradually close. Levi sat and watched her "fall asleep".

"Now would be the optimal time to attack" said Erwin, standing near where Levi was sitting.

"I know" said Levi, taking a sip from his tea.

"I'm waiting for your signal," Erwin said.

"We aren't going to attack her," said Levi

"B-but" Erwin started,

"At this point in time she is about the only thing keeping us safe from the titans, they are too scared to come close to her. We won't making it near the walls with our 3D gear, we are too far out and I don't see any horses" Levi explained. 

Armin stood close by listening carefully to what the two had been discussing. Levi was right, but knowing that she is their only protection also means that she would have to walk with them to the wall, somehow. Would Levi be able to take that risk? She is as big as the Colossal Titan, which also means that she could do a lot of damage. Armin was almost hyperventilating, until Crista brought him a cup of tea, she had been making tea for everyone all evening. He slowly walked away from the two leaders, choosing to distract himself with something else for the rest of the evening.

"Why are you waiting for my orders, why am I in charge, anyway?" Levi asked,

"You were the leader of this group, no? You called for back-up." Erwin explained

Levi just nodded his head in understanding the looked back at the titan, who looks like she could be sleeping, if they didn't already know that titans aren't able to move at night, they would think she was.

Levi sighed and slowly crawled into his tent, his-now cold- tea, long forgotten.


Morning came, Levi was woken up by a terrified scream. He left his tent as quickly as he could to see what the commotion was.

Half of his scouts stood terrified, taking in their scenery, they were surrounded by titans. The only odd thing was that they wouldn't come within a kilometre near them, they would just stand there- in almost a perfect circle- surrounding them.

Levi looked towards the female titan, she was still not moving. He nearly sweat-dropped,

Her chest was moving, indicating she was breathing, but her eyes were closed and her body was not moving. During broad sunlight.

"How come, she gets to sleep in?!" Jean said. He was completely relaxed with the female titan, unlike many. After her motherly display the day before, he understood that this titan was a titan of culture and anything that takes Eren for a fool was a friend of his.  He was on good terms with her. She made his job of making Eren the laughing stock of the scout regime even easier.

He walked up to her where she was laying and started kicking her calf, everyone stood in shock watching his bravery. He was the only person- aside from Hanji, who was sitting on the sleeping titan's hip, sluggishly eating her breakfast- who had the balls to do that.

"Oi ! Wake-up, Lazy-ass!" he shouted kicking her for arm.

The female titan, sleepily cracked open one eye and look at Jean.

"Yes, I'm talking to you!" he said looking at her.

She slowly moved her hand, using a finger to press in the dirt, repeatedly until there was a large ditch. She looked back at Jean and started smirking, still with only one half-lidded eye open. She slowly reached for him and picked him up by his collar. Some of the scouts started laughing while others prepared themselves to attack.

She quickly deposited him into the ditch she had made and slowly went back to sleep. Everyone sweat-dropped and face-palmed at her actions.

"Hey! You can't leave me in here!" Jean shouted, she just ignored him and laid on her back, spread out with her arms behind her head and continued to sleep.

At her movement, the titans moved a few meters back. Everyone stood shocked.

"What do we do now?" Armin asked,

"We wait, I suppose" Erwin replied.

"I d-dont think that, that's a good idea," Armin said.

"Why not?" Erwin inquired

"Our t-trip back, will take us more than two days, all because we don't have h-horses and rations look like they will only last us another d-day and a half." Armin stuttered, noticing that a few people were listening, not used to so much attention.

"He is right, " said Levi, who had been listening the entire time.

" We need to get moving and find more food, for now, we should down-size our rations so that it can last longer until we find more food."

That's when the female titan started getting up and stretched.

"We woke her up?" Erwin thought out loud.

They all just shrugged, she was now sitting, staring at them again.

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