Chapter 13

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With half of the group in the infirmary, Levi settled himself at the desk in his room. Hanji had recently just brought in a bowl what looked like mashed potatoes. Which was a rare thing to see, given that vegetables were expensive within the wall and the higher ups were stingy with quality food.

"So they want you to eat this?" He asked the titan girl, sitting on his bed, he saw that her eyes were trained on the bowl and she made no attempt at answering his question.

He sighed and went to go fetch her, picked up and carried her to his desk, where he placed her on a chair opposite his. Their moment of close proximity left a dust of pink blush on Levi's cheeks. He was not used to sharing personal (let alone any form of) space with anyone.

She sat up, as straight as her weak muscles could hold her. She had waited 2 whole hours for this. Levi returned to his side of his room desk and watched her. She suddenly face-planted into the bowl, scarfing down what she could reach with her face. Levi sat in shock, it happened so sudden. He quickly walked around the table and pulled her up and away from the bowl.

"Don't eat like that, it's disgusting" Levi said, looking at her. She just stared at him, with mashed potato all over her face. Levi sighed, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the food of her face. He then took the spoon and started demonstrating how to eat using the spoon. Her eyes sparkled with understanding. She lifted one of her shaking arms and tried to grab hold of the spoon, her untrained fingers failed to grasp fully around the utensil. She attempted it again, failed again. This went on for a few minutes.

Both Levi and the titan girl grew irritation marks on their foreheads. Levi finally had it. He got up, marched to the door and locked it, returned to the desk and gingerly picked up the bowl and spoon. He scooped some of the potato on the spoon and held it to her mouth. She looked at him, confusion danced in her forest green orbs. He sighed and brought the spoon to his own mouth and ate a spoonful of the unsalted, bland potatoes. She watched him, swallow and seemed to understand his intentions. He tried feeding her again, this time she opened her mouth and ate the mashed potatoes. The task continued and the bowl was finally empty. He put the spoon back into the bowl and put it on the cabinet closest to the door. He turned back to her and she seemed to be smiling in content, he raised and eyebrow.

"Was it that good, monster?" He asked, while picking her up and putting her back on the bed that was probably more comfortable. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out one of his shirts.

"Watch me." Levi said, as he unfolded his neatly pressed shirt. He laid it on his bed and smoothed it out with his hand. He ran his hand firmly against the sleeves and down the torso of the shirt. Leaving it completely flat and straightened on the bed with the buttoned up part faced down. He then folded in both shoulder parts in vertical columns inwards, aligned the sleeves with the columns and lift the collar part of the shirt and brought it downwards to fold it in half. Leaving a perfectly folded shirt on the bed. Lastly he ran his fingers in the collar to make sure there are not any creases.

"Do what I did." He says as he shook the shirt open. He watched her shaking arms struggle to lift the shirt and place it down properly. With maximum effort the shirt was finally placed correctly down. He watched as she ran her small hands gently across the sleeves. His intention was to watch her, to make sure she was doing it correctly, but when her hands ran over his shirt, he could almost feel it on himself. He blushed at the thought and mentally kicked himself for his improper behaviour. He turned around and walked to the door, picked up the bowl and left.

The titan girl barely notice him leave. She was too focused on the task he had given her.


Levi walked through the corridors as he usually did. As per usual, the people who were in his presence would quieten down and look busy. However this time, instead of the hushed whispers being about his power and experience, it was about his relationship with the titan in his room.
He made his way to the dining hall and discarded bowl and grabbed hold of a new one. He made his way to the table for the higher ups (there were food tables placed according to rank, the higher your rank, the better the quality of food, naturally Levi got from the better quality) He dished random things on one plate for himself and started loading grapes into the new bowl. As he was doing so he heard yet another hushed conversation about himself and the girl. Levi did not mean to listen in on their conversations, but all the years of combat has trained his hearing to be sensitive to his surroundings.

"I heard that they did it " said one voice,
"Really?" Another voice asked in shock,
"Yeah, when his team went to report to him, not only was he, Levi of all people, sleeping in, but in the same bed with the girl, naked!" The first voice whisper shouted.

Levi rolled his eyes because clearly, the details of the rumors have evolved on their own accord, probably courtesy of Hanji, as per usual.

"I don't blame him though," A third person said.
"What you mean?" The second voice asked,
"I heard the girl is a real stunner," the third voice replied, he sounded half dazed. Levi's form became rigid.
"Yeah, I heard that the guard that was keeping watch over her while captain Levi was out, struggled to not have his way with her while she was chained in his care, if you know what I mean " the first voice said, at hearing this Levi's blood started to boil at the thought of someone taking advantage over the helpless girl in his room.
"That beautiful, huh?" The second voice asked in wonder
"Yes, her porcelain skin is said to be flawless, curvy, she has got a pair of birthing hips, the definition of feminine, don't even let me get started her boo..."

Levi started twitching,

"...the guys the wall that day got a good look of it themselves when they were cutting her out of her titan form and boy are they descriptive,"


"... her eyes so green, almost cat-like, "tauntingly seductive" as the guy who had her in the cell said..."


"... and lastly her long raven hair, so long that it runs right down past her glorious plump as-"

"Do you not have anything better to do?" Levi said, his voice low and stoic, his dark aura seemed to pulse around him making the temperature of the room drop. The three people sitting at the table not far from him, paled.
"Because if you do not, I believe I have the authority to make you scrub the filthy walls of this very civilization, from top to bottom, until I can see my face in every single brick's reflection!"

With that all three of them fled from the area.

Levi walked back to his room, fuming, with his food at hand. To his displeasure, his door had been standing wide open. He sighed as he neared his door, where Hanji stood cross armed looking ticked off.

"You already turning her into your personal slave!" Hanji shouted,

"I'm helping her strengthen her arms, you twit." He said placing the food on his desk.

"Oh," Hanji said look at the girl who was focused on folding the shirt on the bed.

"I came to discuss something with you..." Hanji said.

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