Chapter 12

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"They did what?!" Jean shouted, as a gleeful Hanji spread the news of their captain being found in bed with a titan. The cafeteria was filled to the brim, most of the corps wished to hear of the scouts encounter with the titan, however they did not expect to be hearing this juicy piece of gossip.

"I think you guys just read the situation wrong" said Armin,
"Yeah," agreed Eren with his mouth full.

"Think what you want, but I know what I saw~" Hanji replied in a sing song voice. Erwin stood awkwardly next to her not commenting on the awkward subject being discussed.

"Well? Where are they? It's almost noon." Jean said, finishing his beer.

"Round two~?" Hanji smiled with a perverted blush littering her cheeks.

"Maybe she is still asleep, remember she always slept in while she was in her titan form." Armin said, completely ignoring Hanji's previous comment.

"Oh hell nah! We have to be up at dawn but she gets to sleep in." Jean exclaimed standing up and started walking away,

"Hey! Wait! Where are you going?!" Eren said, getting up and catching up with him, the rest of the scouts followed closely behind.

"I'm gonna go wake her lazy ass up!" Jean replied and lead the way.

________in Levi's room_________

The titan girl sat on Levi's bed, looking at her hair, it had not been this long previously. She didn't mind though, there was so much of it right now that it served as a source of warmth. She did not understand why Levi was angry at her. She sat up and got on her knees. Her abdomen was paining and she could not tell why. Levi was taking so long, she did not know what to do with herself.

She jumped slightly as the door slammed open the second time that morning. In came the scouts, there were more people than before. She just looked at them dumbfounded. What?

"Oh, so you are awake?!" Jean said, gaining her attention, the moment her eyes landed on him an amused smirk appeared on her lips. Of course she recognised this loud one. Most of the scouts were in shock, she had not shown much emotion before, usually just stared Levi.

"Don't you smirk at me!" He yelled, causing some of the scouts to snicker. She continued watching in amusement, making Jean even angrier.

"What's so funny?!" He shouted, a vein in his forehead started to bulge. At this point the scouts were chuckling.

"Maybe it's your stupid face!" Eren said, the female titan's attention shifted to Eren and her smirk dropped somewhat,

"I think she recognizes you, Eren," Armin commented.

"Yes, it's your baby, remember?" Jean said, teasing Eren. At hearing this, Eren's face darken and he fell silent, she then gave them all a closed eye smile. It wasn't a foreign occurrence that this titan in particular showed emotions, however it never ceased to amaze them how someone so innocent looking could turn into an horrendous monster.

A growl, broke the pregnant moment of silence. The titan girl started blushing, holding her tummy.
"She's h-hungry?!" Erwin shouted, clearly mortified at the the thought of how to feed the titan girl,
"Relax, I eat normal food, I'm pretty sure she can too!" Eren assured the group,
"Eren, you thought you were a normal human until recently, you grew up eating normal human food, this monster grew up outside the wall! Who knows if she has even ate human food before." Mikasa said, she had been leaning against the door frame with her arms folded listening to the group this whole time, she had been skeptical of this monster ever since its appearance. The titan's appearance was far too convenient. She could not just accept that a powerful abnormal titan would just show up in the middle of nowhere and help them. Perhaps she would have been less skeptical if the titan just died at the wall when her nape was cut. It would have been a bittersweet ending for the only known humane titan, one with dignity and a story admired for generations. How ever fate had not been so kind, the titan not only lived, but is a human as well, that only made her suspicion increase tenfold. She planned on keeping a close eye on this monster.

"Mikasa has a point" Hanji said, holding her hand to her chin in thought,
"This is someone who has been a titan and possibly grew up outside of the wall, however it is a known fact titan's don't actually eat humans for sustainance, so what could she possibly eat? Has she even eaten human food before?" She rambled on,

The titan girl watched the group discuss her diet with a frown, her stomach was in pain and was making sounds. She held her hands to her stomach and her frown deepens. Would they stop talking and help her? Where is Levi?

"I know this might sound weird,but what if just put her in the sunlight?" Jean asked, the group stared at him silently,
"I'm serious, what if we just pick her up and put her outside and leave her in the sun. Come back in an hour and she'll be as good as new," Jean continued.

"You're a real idiot," Eren commented looking at him incredulously,
"Are you joking? Or do you genuinely believe the nonsense you speak?" Erwin asked as his face darkened in disbelief. Jean sweat-dropped at hearing the hurtful comments.

"Eren, had a point earlier, he does eat normal food, so how about we feed her soft foods and ease her into normal food, like a baby, just in case she is not used to it." Armin said, trying to get to a conclusion quickly, noticing the poor titan girl's pained face.

"Great idea Armin, I'll personally come up with a diet plan, I'll just need a few people to run to the market for me tho, scouts don't really get the most nutritious food. Hmm, am I missing anything else?" Hanji asked as her eyes squinted in thought.

"Yes" a new voice entered the discussion, the scouts all stiffened and started sweating bullets. This voice in particular sent shivers down their spines, and not the good kind of shivers. Who could have known that one word could carry such malice that it could strike fear into experienced, adult soldiers, Hanji however seemed to be unaffected by it,

"Really what could it be?" She thought harder.

"GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" Levi commanded.

Then attacked.


To be continued

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