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Chapter 09

- Ace King -

Even when Levi apologized to his brother, he was still pissed off. Mentioning Piper always made him either depressed or angry. He tried his best to forget her. He removed any contact he had with her and destroyed every picture or object that reminded him of her. The only thing he couldn't get rid of were the memories.

He knocked on my door, way too early in the morning and asked if I could go somewhere with him. And me being a good friend, and making sure he wasn't going to do anything stupid, I went with him. I made sure that I left a note for Mia when she wakes up so she doesn't think I left her.

Not many people were up, and since most places were closed, we walked around in silence.

Piper was someone who used to be very important to Ben, but after what happened, everything changed. Mia, Levi and I helped Ben through his heartbreak, but he would always shut us out. Eventually, he started to feel a little better as time flew by. We always made sure that Ben was never reminded of Piper, but we knew she still hanging in the back of his mind.

Although Ben appeared happy on the outside now, Mia, Levi, and I knew it was just his way of trying to hide his pain through smiles and laughter.

Like what happened yesterday, there were some times Piper was accidentally mentioned, and when she was, Ben would not take it lightly.

"You know he didn't mean to say that," I said, after a long moment of silence.

"I know," Ben sighed. "But it still pisses me off that he did."

"I could tell."

"I know it's been two years, but I just can't seem to let her go." Before I could reply, he continued. "Why don't we go somewhere?"


He smiled. "Remember the place I wanted to go to on the first day we came?"

Luckily for us, going to Amoudi Bay early in the morning meant that we didn't have to see many people uncomfortably sun-basking on the rocks, but that didn't mean we were the only ones here. I chuckled as Ben flirted with a few girls that were present, and was glad that he quickly forgot about what happened the other day.

As weird as it sounds, it actually was fun to jump off a cliff and dive into the crystal clear water. I'd have to bring Mia here one day, I'm sure she'd like it even though she's afraid of heights.

After some time, Ben and I got something to eat, but still returned to the cliff. As I waited for him to return to the top of the cliff, I got a phone call from Mia. I hated that I wasn't with her in the morning, but because Ben wanted me to go somewhere with him after his fight with his brother, I couldn't say no.

When Mia mentioned that her dad wanted to talk to me, I already knew what he was going to ask.

Louis' father, Fredrick, has gone missing, which I knew would make my mom worry. We'd have to find him as soon as possible before anything bad happens. However, before he took off, he had been keeping an eye on Mindy's family. The reason as to why is still a mystery.

As for Louis, Levi found out that Zoey was still in touch with him. He spotted them a few days ago back at Zoey's mother's shop and hasn't been seen since then.

"Your stay in Greece is ending soon, right?" Mia's dad asked.


"When you arrive back home, I want you to spend some time with your mother, and visit your father at least once."

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