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Chapter 19

- Ace King -

The rain was pouring heavily from the sky that it made both my mom and I want to stay indoors. Not wanting the day to be so gloomy, mom turned the speakers on and started playing music from the 60s through 90s. She danced around in the kitchen as she made lunch or quietly sang the song that was playing.

I, on the other hand, wasn't in such a good mood as my mother. If it hadn't of rained, I'd already be at Mia's house like I promised her yesterday when she asked if I wanted to come over.

By now, we'd probably be fighting about whether we would watch The First Avenger or The Winter Soldier. But due to the weather, I couldn't see her, and because her mom decided to have the day with her.

I texted Mia this morning, but still no reply. Every few minutes I'd check my phone to see if she answered, but received nothing. There was nothing really to do. I didn't even get any annoying texts from Ben.

The only things I've done was grab my present I got from Mia, and read every single piece of paper of the things she loved about me. I know I was supposed to read one a day, but I couldn't help myself.

Every note I had read made me smile, but it also made me wonder how the hell I'd supposed to prove to Mia that I wasn't going to lie again. How do you even to that? Nothing came to mind, which only made me frustrated.

At times, I don't even think I deserve Mia's trust after what I did. There was no fixing it. But I didn't want to give up hope. There had to be something I can do to make it up to her.

"Ace! Lunch is ready!"

Getting up from the couch, I walked towards the kitchen and helped my mom by setting up the table. I placed the finished food on the table before sitting down.

As I waited for her at the dining table, she cleaned up the mess she had made before joining me. Since I used to look up to my dad, my mom and I were never close. But after everything that's happened, our relationship was getting better.

"How's the situation between you and Mia?"

I shrugged. "It's getting better... I think."

"You still haven't told me exactly why you guys are fighting in the first place," she said. "And stop taking all the bacon."

"We aren't exactly fighting anymore. I messed up, and now I have to find a way to make it up to her," I answered, completely ignoring my mom's request to stop stealing the bacon.

She slapped my hand away and took the plate away, making my chuckle.

"You're gonna have to think outside the box for this one, Ace," she stated. "You buying her things isn't going to solve this."

Looks like my plan to get her a Tesla was thrown out the window.

I groaned. "But I don't know what to do, mom."

"You need to remind her why she fell in love with you in the first place."

"Why she fell in love with me?" She nodded.

Mom knew I was thinking, so she stayed silent before speaking after a few minutes. When we both finished eating, I helped her clean up before heading to my room. Grabbing a towel, I entered my ensuite bathroom to take a shower.

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