Chapter Two (Edited)

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I sit on the train with several other boys and girls who are my age and wearing the same uniform as me and already I can know what is going to happen. I know some of these people will steal money from the royal family and give it to their family, so they can have food. I know some will kiss up to them so they won’t be executed. I know others will be likes rats, stealing information and selling it for the promise of a better life.

And just like I know all of this I also know that I want to return home to Mother. I would rather struggle through the life I was born in than have to be so far from home.


I look over to see a girl with tight coils of brown hair and sunk in eyes staring at me with some of intensity. Her whole body seems to be shaKing with either nerves or malnutrition.

“Do you have any idea how long it’s going to take until we’re there?” She asks me with urgency.

“I haven’t a clue,” I answer simply, while shrugging my shoulders.

She turns her attention to the window, looKing out at the fields of farmwork. I bet she is wishing the same as me, that we would be worKing out there instead. “I wish we could crash now,” she mutters to herself. “I rather die than work for any of those motherf--”

A door opens, cutting off the girls sentence. I turn my attention to a man standing in front of us all in a gray suit, with a clipboard in his hands, and a fierce look in his eyes. Almost as if he is already disgusted by the sight he sees.

“Ahem, once I state your name, stand to show you are present. Abigail Doffer.”

The same girl who was talKing to me stands on shaky legs. Not seeming to be happy about how the man in the suit is maKing her move.

The man continues to call out names, only pausing to give people a moment to stand. But for the people who are not present, he simply turns to his clipboard and makes a mark. Most likely meaning the execution of said person or their family.

“Ian Everett.”

Out of the corner of my eyes I see the man stand up. Oddly, I notice how his head is raised, showing pride in who he is. I know the man in the gray suit does not like this as I hear his footsteps make their way across the train.

It isn’t long before I hear a slap, causing me to jump in fear. I allow myself to look up and notice that the man in the gray suit is staring hard at the man names Ian. “You keep your head down like the peasant you are. You are not worthy to look in the eyes of me or anyone else.”

With that, the man walks back to the head of the train, looKing back down at his clipboard. I look down knowing that he is continuing the role call.

“Seraphina Lyton.”

I quickly stand, keeping my head fixated on to my work shoes. I know better than to look any person with a suit on in the eye, not wanting to end up the same as Ian.

The man finishes calling names and looks up at us, while putting the clipboard behind his back. “Sit.”

We do so.

He continues, “As you know, you are here to work for the royal family. Your job will mostly consist of cleaning and cooKing and sometimes other arrangements if the royal family asks you to do so. You will follow through with every order given to you. You will not look your superiors in the eye, unless they construct you to do so. You will assemble swiftly and promptly every morning to receive your work list of the day. Any questions?”

Everyone has the sense to not ask anything. We all know that that was just a rhetorical question and anything he must have pointed out is all we need to know. So, I keep my head down, waiting for our next instruction.

“We will be arriving at the palace in the next five minutes. Once arrived, you will form a line outside the palace to have a proper meeting with the people who keep our lovely Kingdom running.”

I look up for a quick second to see a sinister like smile lingering at his lips and I can’t help she shiver of fear that runs down my spine. I quickly look down, so as for him to not catch me raising my head to him.

“I will not remind you of the manners you must have when meeting the royal family. Your squabbles of a home should have at least covered the basics. If they are even educated enough to use words,” he mutters the last part to himself, laughing at his joke. “So, sit tight. We should be there soon.”

My heart drops to my stomach knowing that this is actually happening. There is no turning back at this point. No one is going to jump out and say ‘You’ve been pranked’ and then I would be able to return home. I’m really going to work at the palace until the day I die.

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