Chapter Eighteen (Edited)

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It has been three weeks since Noah has asked me to marry him. Those three weeks have been absolutely bliss now that Noah moved my mother to live in the palace with us.

Even better, Noahs parents decided to go into their retirement by travelling the world. Their last words being that the palace will fall because of us.

But, they are wrong. They were the ones to make the kingdom fall. And now it is Noah who will bring it back to its original glory.

Already the palace seems to have a new light upon it. Noah and I have been demanding people who live in the palace to give respect to the help, and have also removed the ridiculous rules of not looking someone in the eye and only being able to talk when allowed. This now being took in affect, has already caused the tension start to dissipate.

I'm with Noah in his office, trying to figure out where the leftover money that the past King and Queen took should go in the kingdom.

"Okay, so if we put this amount to the education system, there should be enough over to start the reconstruction of buildings," I say, while showing Noah the math that I have been working on for the past few days.

He stands up and and smiles at me, "That is genius. You are absolutely amazing." Noah grabs my hand and twirls me in a circle, ending with me chest to chest with him. My breath stops as I catch his eyes.

These past few weeks with Noah have been amazing. The time that we've got to spend with each other has shown that a relationship between us may be possible.

Even with the sweet gestures such as leaving flowers outside my door, or creating a garden in my honor, the one thing that makes my heart flutter the most is how he worries over the kingdom. It shows me how he would go to any length just to make sure that no one will have to suffer ever again.

Noah has continuously worried over me to make sure that my mother and I are comfortable with our new living situation. He has even gone as far as to wake up every morning and make breakfast for us three to enjoy together. Even Agatha had decided to sit with us and complement Noah on the delicious food.

I slowly start moving my head closer to Noah's, feeling as though there was a magnetic pull making us come together. Three words on the edge of my lips, wanting to be said.

"Your Majesty?"

I automatically pull away embarrassed, and see a guard standing in the doorway, looking extremely awkward. Noah continues to look at me until he sighs and turns to the guard, "Yes?"

"We found someone in the kingdom trying to abduct teenagers. We were able to detain him and he is in the dungeons now."

My breath catches in my throat. They were able to catch someone who did the exact same thing to my sister. I look over to Noah and see determination laced through his eyes. "I want to speak to him immediately," he says while walking closer to the guard.

As Noah passes me, I reach out and grab his hand in mine, "Can I go? I need to find answers of my sister's disappearance."

Noah's eyes soften as he looks at me, "Of course, darling. We will do this together."


I walk into the dungeons and the smell of mildew hits he hard. The bars are rusted and there is puddles on the floor of who knows what. I look over to Noah and see him extremely uncomfortable, but trying to hide it behind his Kingly attire. I can tell he is trying to be the strong King everyone expects him to be.

While walking down the gloomy hallway, I reach over to Noah and grasp his hand hard. It is going to be difficult to finally receive some answers from my sister's disappearance, but it has been a long time coming and I'm ready for it.

We reach a cell that the guard opens, allowing me and Noah to walk in first. I see a man tied to a chair, blood and sweat dripping down his face. He doesn't seem affected by the new King as we stand in front of him. Instead, he looks as if he was bored.

Noah clears his throat and broadens his chest as if to look more intimidating, "You know why we are here. You have trespassed in the Kingdom of Ostium and attempted to abduct minors. We know this has been happening for a long time and we expect you to tell us why."

A grin spreads across the mans face, allowing us to see his yellow, chipped teeth. "You think it's going to be that easy?," he rasps out. "They're coming and you have no way of stopping them."

Noah instantly becomes rigid and he steps closer to the criminal, "Who's coming?"

A cackle escapes the man, a stench filling the room from his rotten breath. "It has been a long time coming. But, we're ready."

"Who? Tell me, this instant!"

Another cackle, "You have no control over me, boy. And soon you won't have control over anyone."

I pull Noah by his arm and he looks to me, "We are not going to get answers from him. His mental state is clearly not stable. I make no use of his threats."

"Smart girl," the man says, this time with no hint of amusement. "But, not smart enough."

Noah turns to me and holds my gaze for a moment. He squeezes my hand before standing behind me and whispering in my ear, "I pray you may get answers for your questions."

I take a step forward allowing the man a moment before I can start asking what I have been dying to know for years. He looks me up and down as if sizing me up. Looking for vulnerable spot to where he can throw insults at.

"Three years ago, my sister, Devina Lyton, was abducted by one of you monsters. I demand to know what has happened to her," I say not letting my voice waver.

"Devina Lyton?" he asks while cocking his head to the side.


For a moment, hope rises in the pit of my stomach. Maybe hearing that she is alive. That maybe she was the one victim that escaped.

The man starts to lean forward and my heart stops, wanting to hear whatever he has to say.

He cackles louder and harder than before. Turning hysterical.

Fear starts rising in my chest, not knowing what to make of the situation. Tears coming to my eyes, the worst coming to my head.

Noah grabs my arm, pulling me away from the laughing man. His laugh echoes off the walls as Noah tries to get me out of the dungeons. I feel the wetness on my cheeks before I realize I'm crying. I hear her name bouncing in my head before I realize I'm saying it out loud.

"Dev. Dev. Dev."

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