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**3 Months Later**

I look at myself in the mirror and can't believe the beauty that looks back at me. The many hours of sitting having my make up and hair done was definitely worth it. And the long white dress with the finest lace flows down my body, hugging in just the right places. It's hard to believe that the women who was on the edge of starvation a year ago is the same women that looks back at me in the mirror.

The kingdom rejoiced and flourished after the battle, though I did not take place in the celebration. Noah went and put on a good face for the kingdom while I stayed locked in our room out of mourning.

It took me almost two months before I allowed myself to leave the bedroom, but in those times I was only able to talk to Mother and Noah. Both who had to constantly reassure me that Devinas death wasn't my fault. Though it took a while for me to believe it, when I did I told Noah I was ready to officially get married. The wedding only took a few weeks to plan and now here I stand.

I reach over and grab my large  bouquet of flowers, letting the fragrance calm me. I stand now in front of the door waiting for the music to play and doors to open. Its hard to imagine that this is truly my life now. I will truly become queen and stand beside someone who I truly love.

Noah and I have already faced our fair share of problems, but through all of that we've managed to become stronger and stay together. I don't see how I could've managed any of this without him with me. We have and will always stand together.

I hear the delicate music start and the doors slowly pull their way open.

It seems as though the whole kingdom has shown up, but the only face that draws my attention is Noah's. His smile shining brighter than the sun and tears threatening to fall from his eyes.

Looking at him now, I have a feeling that all will be okay. We will restore faith in the kingdom just as Noah has restored faith in me. Now is time of happiness and love, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with him.

With all that in mind, I take my first step towards Noah. Towards the rest of my life.

Oh my goodness! This story is officially over! I want to thank everyone who stuck beside this story since the beginning, even through my weird updating schedule.

Thank you to all my lovely readers, this wouldn't have been possible without all of you and your amazing feedback!!

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