Chapter Twenty-Three

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It doesn't take me long before I find both Devina and Noah, because they are standing across from each other battling.

My heart drops into my stomach, but I have no time to think as I push the horse forward in an attempt to rush to them before something terrible happens. Everything blurs as I focus in on the two of them. Speeding pass the men and women screaming out and swords flying everywhere. 

It takes what feels like an eternity to reach them, but it couldn't have been more than a few moments. I plow the horse in between them and jump off, not caring if I am struck. I simply hold my hands up and scream out, "Please stop!"

Noah is first to lower his weapon as his eyes meet mine, "Sera, please. We can't go over this again. I can't have you here."

"No! I will not see the two people I love most destroy each other."

I feel a hand placed on my shoulder and turn to see Dev looking at me, "Seraphina, you are my little sister. I love you so much. I have not stopped thinking about you and mother since the day I left. But, you have been brainwashed by this man. I have seen his kind destroy thousands of families and I will be damned if I see him do that to you."


The hand that Dev placed on my shoulder now pushes me so I fall to the ground. She swings her sword in the air, but before I have time to react I hear another scream near by. This scream comes from a man. I look over only a few yards away and see one of the men that stood next to Dev when I saw her for the first time since she was took. This time as I look at him, he lays in a pool of blood and his eyes no longer hold life. Their leader has fallen.

My breath stops as the realization hits me.

"It's over," Noah mutters under his breath. I can't stop the sigh of relief that escapes me and I am more thankful than anything that everyone is safe. I don't have to lose anyone.

I stand up on my shaky legs and fall into Noah's arms, giving him the biggest hug my frail self could offer him. "It's okay. You're safe. I'm here," Noah whispers in my ear. I pull my head out of his shoulder and look him in the eyes. His smile mirrors mine as he says to me, "I'm so sorry I pushed you away. I love you so much."

I shake my head in response and say the words that I have been ready to say for too long, "I love you too."

Noah's smile only gets bigger as he pulls my head closer to his and gives me a simple kiss on the forehead. I am almost thankful he decides to not kiss my lips, because my legs are already so weak, I don't think they could handle it.

Noah pulls away from me and I finally look out into the crowd. Everyone has stopped fighting. I finally feel as though a since of relief wash over me knowing it's over.

Noah steadies me on my feet, so I'm able to compose myself and stand as the queen this kingdom deserves. He carefully holds out his sword for me to hold, showing not only to me, but everyone we are together and this kingdom will not be broken.

I take the sword from him and feel the weight that drags my body a little closer to the ground. But I don't let this stop me as I thrust the sword in the air, signaling a final victory. The warriors cheer out and the smiles on both mine and Noah's face only makes the cheers stronger.

I turn to Devina to finally address her, and see a terrible look in her eyes.

"It's over, Dev," I say to her in a low voice.

"No, he can't be dead. This is his fault," she says while sending a murderous gaze to Noah. "He chose this battle so he should fall with it."

Devina swiftly swings her sword, but before the blade hits Noah, I jut out the sword Noah handed me interrupting her path. But that doesn't stop her as she uses her shoulder to try and push me out of the way.

She plunged straight to Noah, and without thought I reacted the only way I could. I aimed for my sword to clash with hers once again, but I missed it by an inch.

I look at Dev and see she has stopped charging at Noah, but has now started to fall towards her knees. I look along my sword and see my blade has nestled itself in her abdomen.

I quickly pull out the sword and drop it to the ground. Feeling the instant regret of what I have done. I drop to my knees next to Dev and hold her head, feeling her fall into my lap.

The tears instantly come to my eyes as my shaking fingers push back the hair in her face. I make sure to keep my eyes on her face, knowing if I looked down at her stomach I may vomit from the remorse I have for doing this to my sister.

"I'm so sorry," I choke out.

Her voice is but a whisper, "No, I'm sorry for leaving you. Thank you for being strong for mother. No matter what you are my sister and I love you. I'm ready to be with him." Her eyes glance over to the man's body whom I still dont know the name of.

I continue to sob, only being able to let out a strangled 'I'm sorry' and 'I love you'. I continue to hold her, rocking her back and forth as the people who surround us hang their head in remorse.

I see a small smile appear on Devs face as her last breath escapes her lips.

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