Chapter Fifteen (Edited)

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I came back to the palace the next day to find it in chaos. The maids are running from one person to the next, passing the news of what has happened. The palace people are searching out the royal family, looking for consequences to be made.

I search out Agatha and find her coming out of the the Kings office. She looks as though she has seen a ghost, completely contrasting her usual smiling self.

"Agatha, what is happening? Did the Prince choose a wife? Was there an attack? Why is everyone freaking out?" I ask in a rush, desperate for answers.

Agatha sighs and looks at me with sad eyes, "Abigail was caught stealing from one of the distant relatives. The royal guards searched her room and found a stash of expensive items. Including earrings, a hair piece, cufflinks, a necklace, and a watch. Everyone is in an uproar that it was done to a member of the royal family."

My breath catches in my throat as my mind takes me back to the day where I was beat up. It was Abigail who took the watch and left me with the consequences of being punished. But, now her punishments are catching up with her and an execution will be made.

"Where is she?" I ask. Though we did not talk much, I would still consider her one of the closest people that I have here with me, next to Noah and Agatha. No matter what she took, she doesn't deserve to die.

"She is in the dungeons, sweetheart. She won't come out until Prince Noah orders the execution."

My heart stops, "The Prince? Why is the Prince ordering the execution? I thought executions were only ordered by the King."

Agatha sighs again, "They are, but the King and Queen has decided that this will be Noah's first act as King. And after he orders the execution, he is forced to pick a bride early and announce it to the Kingdom of Ostium."

"But why? He still has weeks before he must choose a wife."

Agatha sighs, "The way I understand it, the King is hopping that it will satisfy the royal council after just being stole from. So once Prince Noah chooses his bride, everyone will forget about the execution that would happen minutes before."

I turn from Agatha, not wanting to hear another word. Still in my casual clothes and leaving my bag on the floor, I run up to Noahs room. I need to talk to him and get some answers, and right now I don't care if anyone sees me.

I make it to his door and knock, praying that he will answer. I try to gather my breath, preparing myself to say what I need to say.

The door opens and Noah stands there with bags under his eyes, seeming as though he hasn't had any resr. Though he lights up when he sees that it's me standing in front of him, "Sera-"

I cut him off by walking past him and pushing the door shut, so as to not get caught. "Are you ordering the execution?"

Noah sighs and looks down at his feet, realizing the reason for why I am here. "Sera, Ms. Kilstand stole very valuable items. Not to mention they are from the royal family. I have no other choice."

I stop in my tracks, realizing I'm not talking to the same man that helped me with my bruises weeks ago. "What are you talking about? You can not do this to her. Cannot put her blood on your hands. Have you forgot what your family has done to us? To me? How is that different from what Abigail has done?"

"Do you have any idea what the royal council will think if I don't do anything? I will be a laughing stock to them and will lose my position. I won't be able to make a difference if I'm not King," Noah says while bring his hands to his hair.

"You know what the kingdom will do if you let her go? They will find you to be a forgiving King, instead of a dictator. I thought you wanted to rule differently."

"Well the way things are runing seems to be working fine for me."

I stare at Noah, watching him digest the words he just said. He seems to be torn between heart and mind, but the fact that he said those words shuts down all arguments that were going to fall from my mouth. If that is the only thing he can say, there is no stopping him from choosing to do whatever he wants, just like the royals before him.

Noahs eyes follow me as I storm past him to his door. "Sera-" Noah starts.

I abruptly turn around so I am facing him. I drop to a curtsey and say, "I will be sure to have Your Majesty's tea ready for the execution." I turn back around and pull open the door. Before leaving I turn around to see Noah deflated, "I thought you were a different man. I thought I could trust  you."

I turn and shut the door behind me. Leaving Noah with my words that cut me as deep as it must him. To think not 24 hours I was thinking of him. Whereing his clothes. How could I be so stupid?

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