Chapter Sixteen (Edited)

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I stand alongside all of the people who live and work in the palace. Not only is the court here, but all of the staff is required to witness the wickedness that the King and Queen are about to do.

The King, Queen, and Prince sit in their royal chairs, on a platform with Abigail on their left in a pillory. I expected her to have tears in here eyes and begging for her life, but instead she holds venom with her head held as high it can be with being locked in a hole. I know I wouldn't be able to hold back the tears in that situation, but it doesn't surprise me to see Abigail the way she always looks.

The court sits in small stands to the right of the platform conversing amongst themselves, gesturing to Abigail every now and then. The Nobel ladies have not earned their place in the court seats yet, so they stand beside them, but nowhere near the help.

Prince Noah suddenly stands up, causing the crowd to hush so he may address everyone. A word not daring to come out of anyone's mouth.

"Abigail Kilstand has been accused on multiple counts of stealing against the royal family. She has been caught with expensive jewelry in her possession. Ms. Kilstand, do you deny any of these accusations?"

Everyone turns their heads to Abigail, where a smile is still etched on her face, "No, I will not deny the accusations."

The court starts muttering, completely shocked on how she can boldy admit to what she is being accused of.

I look up to Noah and see his eyes focused on me. As mad as I am towards him right now, I know that this is my last chance into trying to change his mind. Though I can not speak, I plead the best way I can with my eyes. Hoping he can understand me.

Noah looks down, seeming to be deep in thought. Fighting with something that neither I, nor anyone else can see. Finally, he looks up. He first turns towards his parents, then turns towards the court. Finally, his eyes come back to me as if he has reached his decision. He seems to have this determination in his eyes that will either scare me or excite me.

Noah finally turns his attention back to the crowd and speaks, "As some of you know, this is my first order as King. When my father told me that I would have to be making this decision, he told me that the first decision I made will define who I am as King. My grandfather signed a deal with neighboring Kingdoms, increasing our wealth. My father ordered an attack on an enemy, increasing our strength. Now, it's time for me to give my part to the Kingdom of Ostium."

Noah pauses, taking a deep breath, preparing himself. "So, for my first order as King... I have decided to give Ms. Kilstand a second chance."

The court erupts in discussion, some shocked with Noahs decision and some confused.

Noah quiets the court by speaking up, "Something I have learned all my life is that people deserve to have second chances. I know I have done things and said things that were wrong." Noah eyes return to me while saying, "And I'm completely sorry."

I look down, the emotion on his face becoming too much for me.

"I don't know Ms. Kilstand personally, but I believe everyone deserves a second chance. And that is the same thing I ask from the kingdom; A second chance. The kingdom has suffered these past few years and so I ask for a chance to repair what was once broken. So I can rule with an iron fist, but a soft heart. I now ask the guards to unlock Ms. Kilstand, so she may stand beside her fellow workers."

I start to tear up watching one of the guards unlock Abigail from her confinement. She straightens her back and looks over towards Noah. For the first time since I have known her, Abigail face wasn't like cold hard stone. It was soft.

Noah walks over to Abagail and leans in to her, saying something that no one in the crowd could hear. Once he pulls away, he gives Abigail a firm handshake and then motions her off of the stage.

The Queen stands and makes her way to Noah, "Noah, what are you doing? You are embarrassing yourself and most importantly me!"

Noah grabs his mother by the shoulders and gently moves her out of his way, "Mother, if you could just wait a moment. I have one more announcement to make."

The Queen hesitantly sits back down with concern written all over her face.

Noah walks back up to the podium and once again addresses the crowd. "Okay, now that that situation is settled, I have one more topic for me to inform you all about; My wife."

The Nobel ladies automatically push out their chest, while fixing their hair. Each of them thinking that they will be the one chosen.

"When I started the social season, I was told that, as the Prince, it will be my decision on who to choose for me to wed. The women who I want to stand beside me in ruling will be fair, kind, and think of what is best for Ostium. She will enjoy the finer things in life with me and not be afraid to get involved with the hard work of building up the kingdom. With that being said, I choose...

none of the Nobel women."

The crowd, including the workers, gasps. But Noah does not seem surprised by the reactions of his decision. In fact, he seems to be rejoicing in the crowds reaction.

The Queen stands, once again, but this time the King stands with her. They are both looking at Noah with venom in their eyes. And just as the Queen is about to reprimand her son, the King steps forward.

"I have made a mistake. My son is not ready to take on the task of running the kingdom. I will bring back matters in to my own hands and fix the mess that Noah has already made," the King says while gesturing down to Abigail.

"Father, you can't do that," Noah steps forward.

"I am the King, Noah. I can do whatever I please."

"No, you are not. Clearly, you haven't read the paperwork that comes with being a King. In section eight it states that if the Prince, age at eighteen or over, is assigned a task under the title King, the crown and the title will be handed over to him to start his reign. I am King now, whether you meant to give it to me or not."

The King stands there stunned, not knowing of what to say next.

"But, your wife! I know it states somewhere in the book, you must chose a Noble lady to be your wife," the Queen pipes up. Shaking with all the anger she is trying to contain.

Noah looks back towards the audience, who are now hanging off of his every word, "It does say that, but it doesn't say that she has to be a Noble lady.

"I know this is my choice, but I am leaving it up to the women I wish to stand beside me. I don't ask for a answer now, but I want her to know how I feel."

Noah takes a deep breath, doing his best to calm the nerves that are shown through his eyes. But when his eyes land on mine, all those nerves seem to fall away.

"Seraphina Lyton, will you stand beside me as my Queen?"

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