Chapter Eleven (Edited)

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I haven't heard from Abigail since the incident with the distant family. I'm assuming that she was able to find Agatha, because I haven't heard from her since then. But I haven't heard from Agatha either, considering everyone has been too busy dealing with social event that is happening tonight.

The social event consists of welcoming the distant family to the Kingdom of Ostium, then each girl will be allowed a limited one on one time with the Prince, so for him to get to know the girls a bit better.

I've been running around all over the palace, trying to get this event together. Including my regular chores, I have to make sure the rooms are squeaky clean for the welcoming and then the other room for the one on one time. Sadly, I haven't even had a chance to think about how Noah is doing.

But, as of right now, I have to focus on keeping myself away from the family, and making sure that my tasks get done.

I'm standing in the kitchen, placing entrees on to the silver plates when Agatha comes in and starts rushing people out of the room and into the large dining area. I quickly clean up the plate, so I can see my reflection shining around the over priced food.

I realized that I have not took the time to really look at myself since being at the palace. The reflection is a women with slightly fuller cheeks. A women with heavier bags under her eyes. A women who has aged in the short months she has been here. It is hard to believe that this women is me. And I pray that even though this job is changing me physically, it won't change who I am as a person.

I notice that there are only a few people left in the kitchen, so I quickly follow the other servers into the large dining area. As soon as I walk in, I see the glimmer of the royals expensive jewelry shine in my eyes and their aimless chatter fill my ears.

I start to make my way around the table, offering each person some of the food. Most of the women turn me away with a flick of their hand, but the men partake in the food as soon as it's offered.

My eyes find Noah sitting to the side of his father. He seems to be looking around the room, for what I don't know. Paying no attention to the women who are trying to gain his attention.

I look next to Noah and see the King distracted in a conversation with someone from the royal council. I take this as my opportunity to make my way over to Noah, but hopefully make it seem as though I am just offering him his entree.

I bend over next to him and show him the food. "Oh, thank you. I would love-" he stops himself after turning in his chair and seeing me. I know I ought to keep my head down, but the smile that lights his face holds all of my attention.

"Well, good day Sera," he says while keeping his eyes secured in mine.

I simply smile, knowing if I talked I would surely be caught. I place his entree in front of him and walk away before he has a chance to say anything else, leaving him stuck at the table with the rest of royal family.

After serving everyone at the long table, I make my way over to the wall where the other servers stand. I find Abigail easily, since she is the only one staring daggers at the table.

"How are you?" I ask Abigail in a whisper, while scooting into line beside of her.

She turns to me with a venomous smile laced on her lips, "Oh, I am fine. It's them who is going to get what's coming to them."

Before I have a chance to respond, I see Agatha out of the corner of my eye motioning us back into the kitchen to grab the next course of the meal.


Dinner flies bye without any incedint. Now it is time for the one on one time between Noah and the nobel women.

Noah stands while buttoning his jacket then turns to address everyone, "First of us all, I would like to thank my family for visiting all the way from the kingdom of Vesta."

Everyone applauds the distant family as they smile proudly and smugly.

"And now is the time where I get some one on one time with each of one of you lovey ladies. We will spend our time in the living area. I would like to start with Lady Ismay."

A young women with a long yellow dress and perfect braids stands and walks with Noah into the living area. While she is smiling brightly at Noah, he simply offers a polite smile in return.

Agatha comes up to me with two other servers who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.

"Sera, you'll be going into the living room with with James and Poppy. You all will just have to stand there in case the Prince or one of the nobel women need anything."

We all nod our heads and make our way into the living area where Noah and Lady Ismay seem to be enjoying themselves in conversation. As soon as we make our way into the room Noahs eyes lock with mine and he gives me a small smile before going back to his conversation.

The women continue to come and go from the room, seeming to only be in here for a little over five minutes. Some stay shorter and some longer. Noah is the person who tells the girls when to leave and who to bring in next.

After being in here for about twenty minutes, in walks Jessica with a confident smile. Noah stands to greet her, "Lady Jessica, so great to see you. Please have a seat."

Jessica comes up to him and curtsies before sitting across from him. "Prince Noah it is such a delight to see you. You look absolutely dashing. Tea, now!" Jessica calls over her shoulder in mine, Poppys, and James direction.

I hurry and grab her drink, before she complains of the waiting too long. Luckily, it seems that Jessica is talking so much that she doesn't even notice that I am walking up to her and Noah.

I hand her the tea and she takes a sip, before immediately spitting it out all over the floor, "What the hell is this? Are you trying to give me diabetes with all this sugar? Go make another."

I begin to take the cup away from her, but before my hands find their way around the cup, Jessica throws the hot tea all over my apron. I look down at myself in shock. Luckily, my apron was there to protect my skin even though it doesn't protect my uniform.

Noah automatically stands up, his smile wiped from his face and anger taking over, "Your time is up. Out."

Jessica's smirk turns into a frown as she looks at the Prince, "But, we just started talking." She juts out her lower lip into a pout in an attempt to sway the Prince into letting her stay.

Noah looks Jessica dead in the eyes, his decision not wavering, "I don't associate with someone who treats the people who help them as dirt and feels entitled to be in a position to rule. Now out."

Jessica's mouth drops open as she stands up, ready to defend herself against the Prince. But Noah simply holds his hand up to silence her, causing her to snap her mouth close and then storm out of the room embarrassed.

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