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"You really scared the shit outta everyone once they saw what you did to the Russians," Fury commented, Eagle nodding in agreement, as Frank stood in his office. "Things are slowly dying down finally."

"Is that all?" Frank asked curtly, wanting them to get right to the point.

"Straight to business as always," Fury said, rubbing his temples tiredly. He looked back up at Frank, his face void of emotion. Frank knew whatever it was, it was bad. "The Russians had a lot of allies, many of which are enemies to us. They have been making threats."


Standing before them, Frank should've been the President. For the longest time, that was a topic that was taboo among the club. Although, none of the members were stupid enough to believe Fury did that impossible mission, they all knew the true leader of this club was Frank, and even as he stood before the President and the Vice President, he resonated more power than anyone else in that room.

Fury knew it too, ever since Frank walked through those doors after the impossible mission, covered in blood (his own and others), he knew he had no right being President, and yet there he was. 

"The biggest threat we got right now are the Albuquerque Angels," Fury said, the mere mention of the club causing Frank to run a hand over his mask.

The Albuquerque Angels had caused the Saints plenty of trouble in the past, but they had managed to keep away from each others necks. Now, it seemed that those past feuds were coming to life. The Angels were a ruthless club and one of the largest in the United States. They were the equivalent size of the Russian Mafia but they were more lethal than the Mafia. 

"How long have you been sitting on this shit?" Frank snapped.

"Don't start with your shit, if you hadn't--"

"If I hadn't what?" Frank seethed, the energy in the room shifting. "If I hadn't gotten rid of a group that threatened the life of you, your sister, and our club; they would've killed Charlie without thinking twice and they would've killed the rest of us."

"Your reckless behavior now has us in the sights of the most dangerous fucking club in the country! Do you not realize that?" Fury shouted back, standing to his feet and pointing a finger at him.

"Gentlemen," Eagle said, standing between the two. "We have a more pressing issue at hand. Let us not worry about the past, but the future of our club."

Fury sat back down and Frank stepped back. Ever since Frank took out the Russians, Fury has hardly been nice to him. Frank could care less, but now it was getting to be tedious. "So, what do the Angels want?"

"They've voiced their distaste in killing their strongest ally and, thus far, want to negotiate. Our window is almost closed," Fury explained.

"Then go negotiate," Frank said, turning to leave.

"We already know its a trap, Frank," Fury continued, finally spitting the words out to stop him from leaving. "I won't risk the lives of the members, I need someone there I can trust."

Frank fought the urge to sigh and simply stared at Fury. "So, I'm your bait?"

"It comes with being the Devil."

Frank only nodded and left the room, no longer wanting to discuss the topic further with them, nor did he even want to look Fury in the eye. Fury liked to claim he felt guilty for sending Frank on that mission, but even he knew he didn't really care. To him, Frank was just a loyal mutt and Frank allowed it. I suppose that's all he believed he was worth.

He walked over to the garage, entering and immediately catching sight of Charlie, her smile lighting his gloomy mood. She walked over to him, her smile getting brighter. "Why do you look so gloomy?" she asked him, placing a hand on his forearm, her gentle touch and caring eyes seeming to make him feel like he was worth more.

"Your brother," he said gruffly, his heart turning in his chest. 

She chuckled lightly. "He's never been good about not ruining someone's day," she said, her smile never once fading.

He was constantly amazed by her. The arm she had held onto reached up and his hand lay flat on her lower back, his head lowering down to her ear. "I love your smile," he said so quietly, only loud enough for her to hear. Her face broke out into a blush and she turned her gaze away from him, truly amazed at how much she loved this man.

"Yo, Frank!" Drake called from the back, causing Frank to remove his hand from her and leave her presence, leaving her to stand there completely flustered. 

"Whaddya want?" Frank said, looking at him from over an orange Camaro. 

"Did you already hear that negotiation meeting with the Angels?" he asked, Frank looking down at him.

"How did you hear about it?"

"I'm gonna be apart of it," he said, smiling up at Frank triumphantly. "It's a big deal, right?"

Frank's jaw clenched. Drake was a relatively new member and he was one of the youngest too, he shouldn't be going anywhere near the Angels. "You aren't going."

"What?" Drake said, his smile falling. "Well, why not?"

"It's a trap," he said. "That's why I'm going."

"W-What?" he said, furrowing his brows at him. "That can't be, if Fury knew he wouldn't have chosen me--"

It was moments like this where Frank hated Fury. Despite the two being old friends, Frank could never really stomach Fury and especially not now after something like this. "You listen to me," Frank said, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I'm counting on you to watch the shop and watch Charlie, promise me that Drake," he said sternly, Drake looking up at him with shock.

"You can't be serious," he said, laughing dryly. "That's way more pressure than going to meet with the Angels."

"It isn't," Frank said, crossing his arms over his chest. "You lock this place up once you hear anything, you got it?"

Drake only seemed to nod. "Please don't kill me if I fail."

"If you fail, you'll be killed by the Angels, not me."

"Is it really that bad, Frank?" Drake said, running a hand through his hair.

"It shouldn't get to that point," he assured him, looking to Charlie. "Keep your eye on her when I can't, got it?"

He nodded. "You got nothing to worry about."

It suddenly dawned on him, now having Charlie, just how much he hated being the mutt of the club, being the one who does the dirty work. Now that he had someone he wanted to protect, he finally worried about what would happen if he were to one day be killed during one of these negotiations

The thought of it made the demons in his head scream. He should've thought of this before bringing her so close. It would only end in her getting hurt.

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