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"This ain't a fuckin' trial," Drake snapped.

"Keep your mouth shut boy," said one of the Forefathers, his deep voice harsh and spitting venom at Drake.

"Why don't you make me, old man?" Drake dare say back, causing many of the forefathers to hold their man back while the Saint's held back Drake.

"Sit down," Frank enunciated lowly for Drake, causing him to sit in a chair obediently.

They had been at this for almost an hour. Both sides kept going back and forth. The forefathers weren't being at all fair and the Saint's were reacting emotionally for the sake of Frank.

Frank had hardly spoken, he and Maxwell had been staring each other down since the Forefathers and the Saint's had started tearing at each others throats. It was almost like they were having their own conversation but no one else was aware of it. The old men were picking a fight, shouting insults to the Saints and picking fights and yet they still had the audacity to get pissed and offended when the Saints fought back.

"Enough!" Maxwell shouted, slamming his fist on a table, silencing the entire room once and for all. "Every last one of you's shut your fucking mouth!"

It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. No one dare open their own after that.

"I'm just as disappointed in my men as I am in you boys," Max said, the forefathers lowering their heads. "This is a trial, not a fucking bar fight, ya hear? Maybe before we start pointing fingers and measuring each others dicks, we ask the questions that need to be answered in order to come to a decision."

No one spoke. They only nodded their heads, knowing better than to fight with their leader. Maxwell's attention turned back to Frank who had remained standing in the same spot the entire time, his eyes never once leaving Max.

"As President, how did you allow such events to fall upon the club, boy?" Max asked, narrowing his eyes at Frank.

"As former President, how did you allow such a weasel like Fury to be President in the first place?"

"Answer the question boy!" one man spoke.

"Shut your mouths!" Max yelled, turning his head to his crew and then back to Frank. "You know our laws, boy."

"And you know what Fury did to the club."

His eyes narrowed even more. "What exactly did he do?"

"Let's start at the beginning. His first mission he was supposed to complete before ever becoming President was a mission I completed for him," Frank said, Max's eyes going wide as well as the rest of the forefathers.

"What the hell are you talking about?" one asked, completely in shock.

"That mission that decides if the next President is worthy enough to be President, I did it for Fury," Frank repeated in clearer terms, the forefathers still looking at him with bewilderment. "It was before I knew any of your fucking laws and codes. Fury gave me a mission and I did it. It was only years after that I found out it was something I shouldn't have done for him."

"It's true," Ryan said, stepping forward. "Only me, Frank, Fury, and Eagle were aware of what Frank did. The crew saw him return but they didn't know he completed that mission."

The forefathers were already left speechless, murmuring things under their breath and looking at each other.

"Your granddaughter was taken by the Russians, next, and I went to save her. Fury continued to make excuses until it became exceedingly suspicious on his part," Frank continued. "Then he sent me on an impossible mission on my own, against the Angels," just the mention of the Angels had caused the room to stir. "They were gonna kill me but your granddaughter took charge of my crew and took em down like nothing."

Max's ears perked at the mention of his granddaughter yet again. An emotion washed over his eyes and it did not go unnoticed by Frank.

"After that Fury ran with his tail between his legs. He was quiet for a while and then he killed Eagle on our turf and took your granddaughter. It was then that we realized he was working with his dad."

"That fucking bastard," Max grumbled to himself.

"Which has led us to the most recent events you all so kindly helped us with," Frank said, his words laced with venom.

"Watch your tone boy."

"We saved y'all asses."

"Have a little more respect."

"Respect?" Frank finally snapped, losing whatever patience he had left for them. "I forgot your idea of respect  is you assigning President role to one you all knew was not fit for the job. Your respect is you barely being convince to help after one of your own crew members gets killed. Your respect," he scoffed. "Don't make me laugh. You have no respect. Just 'cause you bucket-kicking assholes are too old now you're no longer part of the Saints? If you were in the club with us during this shit none of you would say shit."

"We saved the club from the jackass you all elected," he snapped at them, their mouth's sealed tight.

"It was saved because of us," Max snapped. "You're unfit to be President."

"What kind of bullshit is this?" spoke a voice Frank was all too familiar with.

He sighed heavily, knowing full well she wasn't going to sit in the car and wait forever, especially since she'd been waiting for over an hour now. "Go back to the car, Charlie," Frank said lowly to her, stopping her from entering the room any further.

She looked at the forefathers, her eyes locking with Max's. His eyes were wide and staring at her, pooling with tears almost instantly. A part of him didn't believe any of them when they said he had a granddaughter but, looking at her, he knew it to be true now.

"Hold on," Max said, Frank turning to look at him. "Is this...?"

Frank glanced at Charlie and then back at him before nodding. Max let out a shaky breath, the rest of the forefathers shocked as well to see her.

"What the hell is going on?" Charlie whispered to Frank, holding onto his arm tightly. Almost everyone in the room was staring at her and she felt extremely uncomfortable.

Frank had realized that she didn't know Max was her grandfather, that she had a family member that wasn't completely psychotic. During the event in which the forefathers came to save them, she was completely unconscious and he never thought to mention such a crucial detail.

"Charlie," Frank said, looking at her. "That guy," he nodded to Max who had taken a few steps towards them. "Is your grandfather, on your mom's side."

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I also wanted to mention that I created a short story for my creative writing course at school and it was surrounding a crucial member in this story but he was only mentioned one time and spoke one line and it was chapter XXXIX and the character is Atom. He is one of the members of the club I will be expanding on in another story but that wont happen until I finish this book :)

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